Which one of these 8 car inventions and car gadgets will be your preferred car accessory ?

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8 amazing car accessories and car gadgets to buy on amazon

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• Karcher 2.642-186.0 Wheel Rim Brush

Kärcher Wheel Rim Brush - Pressure Washer

Car accessory technical description :

This car accessory  for cleaning wheel rims manufactured by karcher company , a well known company that manufactures pressure cleaning equipment for both professional use as well as domestic use for home and garden , can be the perfect efficient car accessory for cleaning the wheel rims for car drivers looking for the most ergonomic , comfortable and the cheapest wheel rim cleaner instead of buying from time to time a wheel rim chemical cleaner . this affordable car accessory has only one limitation as all of you might guess , it is designed for use with one of karcher pressure cleaners for domestic use , which is good news for interested buyers who already own and use one of these pressure cleaning equipment for domestic use shown below :

Karcher K2 Car & Home Kit Electric Power Pressure Washer

available on amazon at 136$

Karcher K2 Plus Electric Power Pressure Washer

available on amazon at 95$

Karcher K2 Plus Electric Power Pressure Washer

available on amazon at 253$


• Air Hawk PRO Cordless Portable Air Compressor, Easy-To-Read Digital Pressure Gauge

car gadget car inflator

ptaorble battery powered inflator to use as a car gadget for inflating car tires on the go and more conveniently than hand pump .


• MyQ Smart Garage Door Opener Chamberlain MYQ-G0301 – Wireless & Wi-Fi enabled Garage Hub with Smartphone Control

car garage accessory technical description :

This car accessory is designed for the following situations in which the the user is located outside the house , whether at work in the same city or even traveling abroad , it may happen that the user has ordered some some physical products to be shipped to his house , in these situations , the Myq smart Garage door opener makes the user feel at house opening his door garage with instant smartphone touch controls without preoccupying one self if some one else is present at house . All this user experience convenience is achieved thanks to these Technical specs :

  • Amazon prime members can get their packages securely delivered to their garages by simply linking their myq account .
  • The user can open and close his garage door from anywhere with his smartphone through the myq app thanks to smart garage control feature . 
  • Busy families who come and go from the house through the garage can benefit from smart notifications enabling the user to receive alerts when his garage opens or closes in real time by setting up customized notifications .
  • Designed to work with all major brands of garage door openers made after 1993 having standard safety sensors  .
  • Instant simple wireless setup installation made easy in the myQ App   .
  • Up to three people can be invited  to control the door garage thanks to the myQ Guest Feature .


• ROIDMI 3S FM Transmitter for Car,WGOAL Wireless Radio Adapter Car Kit, 5V/3.4A Dual USB Fast Car Charger for Cell Phone (Black)

ROIDMI 3S FM Transmitter for Car,WGOAL Wireless Radio Adapter Car Kit_0.jpg

car accessory technical specs description :

This car accessory is made for car drivers who like to upload their music songs wirelessly on the go without requiring the cumbersome procedure of transferring their music files to USB the plug it into the car radio –

  •   This transmitter allows MP3 music play and car charge at same time. 5V/3.4A dual USB fast charge for your smartphones, tablets, and other devices; Works with all cars
  • The can benefit from high quality music playback than othr FM transmitters thanks to the smart background noise reduction that can be accessed with the roidmi life APP .
  • Designed to work as FM Transmitter/ MP3 Music Player /Car Charger/ Battery Monitor for car / GPS Navigation Broadcast /APP (roidmi life) Setting;Paired with all Bluetooth enabled devices,like:iPhone, iPad, iPod,Tablet,Xiaomi,Huawei, Samsung and other Android ;Works with all cars.


• Safebrick

car accessory technical description :

This car driver assist accessory is designed for use as high-performance drive assist, with the latest intelligent features to help the driver awareness in traffic. It even knows more than the driver eyes see . Its versatile design makes it great for every car.  The car driver has more  control on-the-go.

This intelligent drive assist enables the driver to use the power of Speed warnings and alerts on upcoming Speed cameras to avoid expensive fines. Get Live Traffic Information in advance and save time in traffic. And let it detect Road Sign Information in case you missed it.

In addition to its voice, SAFEBRICK uses colors to communicate.
technical specs :
– Subscription free
– Lifetime speed camera updates
– Voice and LED assistance
– Worldwide coverage

• MAXSA Innovations 37340 Park Right BallPark

car accessory technical description :

this anti scratch car gadget is a simple design solution for protection the car or park while the car is beign parked , the provided solution is a special adhesive material designed to be stuck on the the garage wall spots most vulnerable to be unprotected while parking .

Technical specs :

  • designed for use on corners or separate and stick on walls to protect the car during parking and when opening car doors
  •  improved visibility in low light thanks to reflective strips
  • designed to be installed anywhere in between for customized protection
  • Includes two corner guards or 4 strips with highly adhesive backing


• Xiaomi 70mai Dash Cam Smart WiFi Car DVR Smart Dash Cam with Built-in WiFi – International Version – Midnight

car accessory technical description :

one notable feature about all electronic gadgets made by chiaomi is their competitive affordable price in addition to some above average technical specs described below :

Technical specs :


  • 130 degrees FOV, cover wide vision range
  • 1920 x 1080P HD resolution, clear FHD recording
  • 1/2.9 inch light-sensitive components, capture clear images during nights
  • With Sony IMX323 image sensor, provide you better performance
  • WiFi connection allows you to real-time to watch the recording and share the videos or images on the popular social media


• Anti Sleep Alarm for Drivers. Warns up to 5 Minutes Before Drowsiness. Beep and Vibration Doze Alert. Car Truck Safety Driving Warning Device. Stay Awake Nap Detector Technology Alertness System

car accessory technical description :

As all of you know that recent scientific study around the world have found that a considerable number of road deaths could have been prevented if the drivers were aware that they don’t have a lack of sleep before driving their cars and that’s what StopSleep is made to solve . A car accessory designed to keep you awake when you are too tired to drive. If you are aware that you are too tired, you pull over and take a break. You have a cup of coffee and maybe a short nap. The problem is not necessarily about falling asleep at the wheel, the problem is that the more tired you get the harder it is to remain alert and vigilant at the wheel and to concentrate fully on driving your vehicle safely.




That is the objective stopsleep was designed for .  StopSleep will alert the car driver when it recognises that he is too tired to drive safely, but more importantly StopSleep will alert him as soon as it notices that he is starting to lose his concentration. StopSleep will alert at the first signs of a drop in awareness, activating even before the car driver reachs the dangerous state of ‘micro-sleep’ ensuring he always remains alert and safe at the wheel

StopSleep constantly monitors the car driver levels of awareness.

StopSleep continually measures the driver levels of awareness and concentration by using 8 built-in cutaneous sensors which monitor the electrodermal activity. The electrodermal activity, represents  brain activity, and by measuring this activity, StopSleep can accurately gauge the levels of awareness and concentration. As soon asther levels of concentration start to drop, StopSleep will alert the car driver immediately via it’s 2 stage alarm system.

Technical specs :



TRIO: Portable dual & triple screen laptop monitor

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DUO: The on-the-go dual screen laptop monitor

available on amazon

TINY TOWER Adjustable and Portable Laptop Stand

available on amazon

Knaive Thunderbolt USB C Hub

available on amazon

MOBICASE - the ultimate 'anywhere' workstation bag

raised $110,775 by 960 backers on kickstarter

VISTAR: 10-in-1 USB-C Hub for MacBook, PC, USB-C devices

raised $243,522 USD by 1,219 backers

available for ordering on indieogo

SuperTank: A Week of Phone Power, Rapid Recharge

raised more than $900 USD by more than 4.4k backers available on amazon

Vinpok Split - Best On-the-go Touch Screen Monitor

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CoreBook - Ultimate 2-in-1 WIN10 Tablet Laptop

raised more than$ 500k USD by more 1,2k backers

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