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For all of you, who don’t know me well, my name is Ilyass Yassine. I am the creator and writer of all the articles published on cool tech gadgets and news, as well the videos uploaded on the associated youtube channel. This about me page, is in fact too short to introduce myself to the audience, with whom i am planning to introduce my self with a whole book, which will be my first book among two planned upcoming books.

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my first invention project in the form of the ultimate solution for urban air transportation

This first book, i am currently in the process of writing, entitled the four big life technological solutions packs, making highest quality life style affordable to every one around the world. This book will present to you as a reader my whole vision of how life will be or how it should be.

I wanted to mention this book as well as the fact that i am in the process of writing it, because i want you as a reader to know more about me not only as a writer on this website, but also as an inventor and gadget designer not only of the two products i have launched on the website, that are the Flying Dream and the Unismart, but also the gadget products, inventions, production processes and services that i have designed to make every one around the world afford enjoying the highest quality life style ever achieved.

All the gadgets designs, inventions, processes and services will be launched on the website, in the near future after finishing writing the book.

As mentioned, i am an avid tech gadget designer and inventor. I have decided to launch this website not only for occupying myself as a writer but to create or make from this website a means or a technical solution for future inventors, gadget designer and entrepreneurs to launch their gadgets products or prototype inventions as well as their start up solution in the form of software or hardware solution product, in the most efficient and freely affordable way.

The book i am in the process of writing will illustrate clearly the website goals and how it would provide its services, but you can read the following pages below, if you are interested in benefitting from one of its services.

As for me as a person, it would be too long story to introduce myself, that’s why, i have left it for an entire dedicated  special chapter about my life in the upcoming book, if you are interested to know more about me.

Before finishing writing or reading this page, i feel i should provide some glimpses about my upcoming book:

As the book title suggests, its content and chapters will illustrate to the reader how the four big life technological solutions packs will enable every one around the world to afford enjoying highest quality life style ever achieved in human history. The four book’s chapter from the 18 chapters are the following:

1. Total elimination of all redundant, repetitive manual labour, oral intellectual and man performed computer tasks

This chapter illustrates and shows clearly to the readers how all the redundant repetitive jobs will be totally eliminated, especially the labour intensive manual jobs like construction jobs, street and public toilette cleaners, ship building and scraping, café and restaurant waiters and all house cleaning tasks as well as cooking.

As for oral intellectual jobs, all these jobs will be automated using different approaches different kinds like teaching jobs, government administrative jobs…..For the last category of man performed computer tasks, highly optimized and sophisticated ai software tools and apps that will enable the user to achieve highest degrees of productivity and efficiency, especially in game development and video production, thanks to a highly efficient web based platform, enabling the user to achieve the most extreme productivity of a whole team in the shortest time possible.

2. Highest quality gadgets for enhancing your life style

This chapter will showcase all the gadgets designs i have developed, how the user will enjoy the best and perfect user experience and how these gadgets will be an irresistible user companion in all his day activities, thanks to their sophisticated technical features.

These gadgets cover almost all categories of gadgets, ranging from perfect ergonomic computing devices accessories, furniture designs, transport vehicles, fitness equipment, innovative portable computing devices, ergonomic keyboard with predictive typing…..In short, the gadgets will provide to the user the perfect irresistible user experience.

3. High quality affordable services

This chapter will showcase to the reader the highest quality services in various life fields, ranging from transport, healthcare, education and various high quality services making the individual’s life highly enjoyable.

4. Entrepreneurship will be affordable to every one around the world

This chapter will illustrate to the reader how the most difficult professional job will be affordable to every one around the world, thanks to using of freely affordable tools, without them, the future entrepreneur will have to use costly procedures both in time and money.

One of these freely affordable tools is this website, you can read the content of the following pages so that you can have an overview f how this website will provide to the future entrepreneur some freely affordable services , that might have costed thousands to tens of thousands of dollars.

All these features will be well showcased and illustrated in the upcoming book.

5. The Humanoid multifunction robot

I have decided to dedicate a special chapter for this Humanoid multifunctional robot, which is a robot of my own design, designed to perform more complex body movements than the human body. In fact, i have come up with this robot design after 3 years of design iterations in order to make it fully capable of performing all complex job tasks.

These complex jobs tasks cover all these human manual tasks like jobs performed by waiters, toilette, streets and house cleaners, factory workers and shipped package deliverers.

In addition to all these manual jobs performed by the human body, this Humanoid multifunction robot can perform other body tasks, the human body can not, that are flying, swimming and diving for a long time, which makes it more suitable for package delivery by air and use as territory or coastal security guard.

For more about me questions, please feel free to ask me anything you want or anything of interest to you in the comments section below.

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This first book, i am currently in the process of writing, entitled the four big life technological solutions packs, making highest quality life style affordable to every one around the world. This book will present to you as a reader my whole vision of how life will be or how it should be.

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