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We are a team of passionate writers and gadget designers who love to follow the latest technology trends and share them with the public as well as work passionately on identifying the most relevant technology problems in user experience and design the ultimate product solution to showcase it on our website articles or social media channels .

The picture on the Right is of me (Ilyass yassine)

A special note about me, Ilyass Yassine, i am the person running supporting the majority of work load of the website and youtube channel.


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 I am an avid cool tech designer of cool gadgets and designs as well as writer, my special profile is hard to introduce myself, that’s why i have decided to write a special free ebook highlighting all my goals to you as audience and potential customers. These goals are not personal goals to me, but ultimate solutions to all your daily faced technical problems. Anyway, i will update this page part as soon as the ebook will be available.

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Our team

Our passion for every tech related stuff is what is driving us to make cool tech gadgets& news one of your favorite resources of news and inspiration .

Ilyass Yassine

Avid gadget designer

Ryan Ilhami

Our marketing guy

Nadir Fayd

Graphic designer