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Are there better funding solutions for hardware tech startups, other than the traditional venture capital funding?

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Funding for tech start-ups has always been the most important technical and financial hurdle, standing in the entrepreneurial journey of tech start-up founders, especially hardware start-up founders, who not only need an office for conducting day to day operations of their businesses like online software startups, but they need space for manufacturing their technical solution in the form of hardware product.

If traditional procedures of funding software start-up companies is filled with multiple unnecessary technical and financial hurdles. Funding for hardware start-ups is more difficult, because it involves the manufacturing of a prototype hardware product for market validation.

After market validation, the company or startup growth will depend on mass manufacturing of the hardware product, requiring more venture capital investment. Though, the term startup has always been associated with software online tech startups, there has been multiple tech companies that has succeeded in raising funding for a technical solution in the form of a hardware gadget.

Crowdfunding on popular crowdfunding platforms like kickstarter and indiegogo has been the best choice for hundreds of tech start-ups that have succeeded in raising funding for cool tech gadgets, having received favorable market reception.

Crowdfunding sites like kickstater and indiegogo have enabled some hardware manufacturing companies to raise funding amounts that have crossed the 10 million$ mark. This startup investment or fund raising approach has been successful only with b2c companies, where campaign creators promise their backers of delivering the gadgets after raising the required sum of money for mass manufacturing.

That’s why, these crowdfunding websites were called reward based crowdfunding sites, where the campaign creators entice their backers, especially the early bird backers, of receiving a special perk, in the form of a generous discounted price of the physical product.

This fund raising approach that has been successful with this category of B2C businesses, unfortunately, it can not be successful with B2B companies or even B2C businesses, planning to manufacture an expensive hardware product, like an airplane or expensive transportation equipment, production or manufacturing process.

This category of B2B businesses, where the technical solution is affordable only to companies needing to use this technical solution, has only one funding procedure, which is equity crowdfunding, that has given proven successful fund raising campaigns.

These successful fund raising campaigns can be found on popular equity crowdfunding sites like Startengine, Crowdcube and seedr.

After 10 years of my struggles as a tech entrepreneur, aiming at developing and bringing to the market, ultimate innovative technological solutions, i have realised, it is really time not to solve these daunting technical problems, but focus on solving the first and most important technical problem.

We all face this problem, we are really aware of, but no one has tackled it with the perfect technical solution. This Technical solution, is creating the most effective technical solution discovery platform, giving more exposure, to anyone or technical problem solver wanting to showcase an innovative technical solution, designed to solve a daunting technical problem.

The majority of technological solutions i have developed, are hardware solutions. I have found myself stuck not only in bigger more expensive hardware technological solutions, like automation technical solutions, that will remove entirely human man power in all economic activities.

These economic activities, using extensive human man power, are agriculture, construction, mining, fishing and service sector jobs in hotels, cafes and restaurants.

During my ten years of struggle as tech entrepreneur, wanting to get an exposure opportunity for showcasing my conceived and developed technological solutions, you will not really believe the procedures i have taken, just to pitch one technical solution, for an opportunity to kickstart a business.

For the sake of not making this intro too long, because i am in the process of writing two upcoming books, the first one, entitled the four big life technological solutions packs, enabling everyone to enjoy highest quality life style. The second one entitled the ultimate political system and perfect urban city design.

The first book, i am current in the process of writing, will illustrate all these technological solutions, with the two categories, the hardware and software technical solutions. Anyway, returning back to our main topic, The lack of an efficient technical solution discovery platform has made me take unusual procedures, to get one of my hardware technical solutions funded.

Among these procedures were contacting government embassies of countries interested in a technical solution, after watching a documentary showing the interest of these countries in developing these technical solutions.

To my surprise, the employees at the embassy were there just for getting their monthly salaries and live an ordinary life. They were not the right people who experience the pains of the technical problem or lack of its solution.
My last attempt of pitching my technological solution was by traveling to Malaysia, for showcasing my urban vtol aircraft design called the Flying Dream, this time the people i have tried to meet and have a conversation with, were two women working at the ministry delegated with encouraging youth entrepreneurial spirit.



Even though they were concerned closely with the development of an urban air transport solution for the Malaysian market, they have showed no interest in my technical solution, after not having received a feedback.

This shows again this technical problem of having a technical solution discovery platform, for targeting the most interested audience in the technical solution and not government employees thinking just of receiving their monthly salaries and live an ordinary life.

As tech entrepreneurs or technical problem solver, conceiving and developing innovative technical solutions, like buying online, reserving online our airplane tickets flights, Uber drive rides and the list goes on. We have not thought of a technical solution, making a technical solution for a technical problem reach the right audience interested, in supporting it.

This technical solution for hardware tech startups is Cool tech gadgets and news, that will make all tech entrepreneurs around the world, developing a hardware technical solution, reach their potential customers and launch their business from home, with the same convenience we feel when buying online or paying online for everything we want.

The main two topics of this article will illustrate to the reader how launching a hardware tech startup will take the shortest and most effective procedure, with affordable free tools, the main second topic will show how launching your hardware tech startup on cool tech gadgets and news will allow your business to achieve highest growth rates, not possible with the traditional known procedures.

One thing really important in this paragraph, this website or platform, if you support it, it will be the entrepreneurial launch platform, better than regions like silicon valley or silicon wadi, you will no longer need to be born or located there for launching your entrepreneurial aspirations.

1. launching a hardware tech startup will take the shortest and most effective procedure, with affordable free tools

Thinking of starting a business is a hard decision, requiring more prior time of reflection, before thinking of deciding.

This decision is harder for all the majority of businesses, even those not requiring significant upfront costs, like consultancy or coaching businesses, online business consisting of setting up a blogging site, writing articles attracting the interest of a niche audience, or setting up an online store.

These simple businesses, simple in their execution and affordability, but require more upfront costs in time investments and even financial investment, if you chose to delegate the involved work on these businesses. All this for responding to the question of how to start a business with no money.

The last type of online businesses, are online software tech start-ups, these tech businesses, unlike the first previously mentioned types, because of the traditional financial procedures, are not reserved for every one, like setting up your own blogging site or online store.

These type of online businesses or Saas companies, Software as a service, require technical founders with a professional background in software and web development, who have already developed a software technical solution, implemented as a service on the company website.

Funding for tech start-ups in this category require an already developed software technical solution, implemented on the company website, a dedicated team for working on this solution and market profitability. These online tech start-ups or businesses require. upfront investment in time and financial resources.

The rejection rate of funding these businesses by investors, always exceeds 90 percent , as well as their failure rate always crossing the 95% rate.

There are some exceptions to the rule of requiring a technical founder for starting and launching an online software tech start-up. These exceptions can found in the business success stories of people like Russel Branson, the founder of click Funnels, the online marketing software solution.

The founder of this business is not technical founder with a background in web development or software engineering. He is an online marketer who has succeeded in accumulating considerable wealth in his online marketing businesses, helping him understand the problems of his market, as well as giving him investment opportunity in his own online startup business idea.

I have made the intro of this first main topic too long for the reader to get to the main discussion thoughts of this main topic. I am fully aware of this, but after reading these introductory paragraphs, as well as the main discussion thoughts of this topic, you will understand the magnitude of the technical and financial difficulties, involved in deciding to start and run a hardware tech start-up.

If these online business categories are really hard to start and fund until achieving market profitability, knowing that they don’t require massive upfront investment in financial resources. Deciding to start hardware tech startup will be a daunting business decision, like the daunting technical nature of the technical problem your business has solved.

So before diving into the main idea of this topic, i want to mention this important information for the new visitors to the website, that Cool tech gadgets and news main mission is presenting to tech entrepreneur all the freely affordable most efficient tools for running a profitable business, from the conception phase till achieving market profitability.

Any entrepreneur, in any tech field, will be able to start his business without any financial and technical problems, commonly encountered, using the traditional common procedures followed in the business market.

As an illustrating example, a tech entrepreneur, having come up with an online software technical solution like click funnels, will be able to start and run his startup business idea till reaching the profitability, without encountering  technical and financial problems.

Financial problems consisting of having a financial budget, required for building the online software technical solution by a team of web developers and software engineers, as in the case of the founder of Click Funnels, Richard Branson.

Cool Tech gadgets and news provides six services for the tech entrepreneur, among these business services, a technical solution service for software tech startups founders, who will be able to launch his online tech startup business idea, from idea conception till reaching business profitability, with just the idea in mind, and without any technical or financial problems.

For those interested in exploring the technical solution offer for online tech startups founders, would you please visit the following page, As for those who want to explore all the services offered by Cool tech gadgets and news, you can visit the following page illustrating all these technical solutions.

So it is time to dive deep into the main idea of this first topic. Launching and running a hardware tech startup is challenging for tech founders who have can have all the required financial and professional resources for starting the business.

This is something hard to believe for the majority. After 20 years of the advent of the internet and popularity of crowdfunding platforms, there are some stories of successful entrepreneurs, who have managed to make it, but after painful sacrifices of both time and money investment.

These successful entrepreneurs have managed to run profitable businesses only after spending their life savings on their successfully crowdfunded gadgets. This really proves that entrepreneurship in hardware businesses is still far from the reach of all people who want to embark on a successful entrepreneurship journey.

I will provide here for the reader two illustrating examples of two ambitious entrepreneurs who have succeeded in launching their successful online stores selling their successfully crowdfunded gadgets, on Indiegogo and Kickstarter.

The first example is of Sean Kieley, This successful gadget designer who has launched a successful kickstarter crowdfunding campaign for his Tstand, i encourage every one to visit his kickstarter campaign page and watch his campaign pitch video, telling his story, the reasons and how he has come up with the idea, as well as how he has managed to launch his Kickstarter only after spending 2 years and his life savings.


TSTAND tablet stand -‘iPad Pro’s secret hero’