Check out this latest coolest camping gear list before you decide to buy any camping accessory

Can these Outdoor gears enhance you outdoor camping experience in your preferred camping sites

Latest coolest inventions & gadgets

my first invention project in the form of the ultimate solution for urban air transportation

Check out this latest coolest camping gear list before you decide to buy any camping accessory

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Hi and welcome to another cool tech gadgets and news video, if you are a fan of camping in The great Outdoors ,you want to check out this camping gear list before you start in your next adventure .

Minipresso GR:

For those who struggle to function without their daily dose of caffeine, the mini presso GR is here to help. It is a compact beautiful lightweight espresso maker which can produce up to 50 millimeters shut of espresso at your convenience , thus freeing the camper of having to carry additional camping gadgets like camping stove or camping heater .
Be your own barista and experiment using your coffee groans, simply add coffee, hot water and use the built-in pump mechanism for the perfect espresso with the generous creme every time .
This highly rated piece of camping equipment is essential for coffee loving explorers, measuring just 175 millimeters tall by 75 millimeters wide and weighing 360 Grams, the minipresso GR is easily transportable and provide delicious energy boost for hikes or camping trips .


Campstove 2

The camp stove 2 is an award-winning camping stove from bio light, 50% more powerful than its original version. Its impressive Vortex design creates smokeless flames for cooking while a thermo-electric generator takes advantage of the Heat to create electricity ,this means you can cook your delicious camping meals and charge your electric device at the same time .

Built-in flack light also ensures you are not fumbling around in the dark , no need for an external camping lamp . The stove Can boil up to 1 liter of water in four and a half minutes. It is easy to carry and can be packed into the size of a 2 ounces water bottle and weighs less than a kilogram or 935 g .

An on-board battery stores electricity from the generator which can transferred to your devices via USB ,an LED interface provides useful information and allows you to control the heat through different fans speeds .

Additional accessories such as a portable cuddle packs and coffee press are also available for the camp stove 2. Cooking food in the vortex while charging your phone using smart clean energy ,what can be better better than that ?

Pockets blanket 2.0

weather camping in the field or having a picnic in the beach, finding a dry clean place to sit can be trickier in these times, how about a camping blanket that you can keep inside your pocket for just an occasion .
The pocket blanket 2.0 has received very positive reviews thanks to its durability made from hyper light nylon, it’s water repellent and puncture-resistant .When fully unfolded, it covers an area of 1.6 meters to 1.1 meters which can comfortably seat 2 to four adults .
Weighted corners for additional weight plus built-in corner stakes keeps the blanket in place and not be blown away by heavy winds, when it is time to leave , an easy pack pattern tells you easily where to fold it so it can be put away in seconds , then simply slip it back into your pocket . No more frustrating Folding and refolding of heavy blankets flapping in the breeze.


Cam o bunk :

A comfortable area to sit and a good night sleep are both fracture to consider when going camping , the cam o Bank from this-go-bed provides a creative solution to Both issues for those looking for an extreme light weight camping bed . Able to transform into a camping bunk bed, bench or two single beds, it is very easy to assemble thanks its Unique disc design .

Sturdy metal polls , simply slide in the place and it can be maneuvered without hassle. if being used Outdoors, the design of the legs adjusts on even ground and prevents sinkage ,once fully set up as Bed Or bench the cam o bunk supports up to 500 pounds and unlike other assembly beds ,it does not require essential support beams, this means that the fabric Contours to your body and results in a comfy seat for sleep .

Optional 7 legs extensions are available for extra height or head rooms as a camping bunk bed, Plus Storage accessory in the neck cover are available as add-ons when it’s time to pack up .
These assembled pieces can be stored in the storage case that comes with it and put in the closet or under your bed at your home for another day. Besides it is always useful to have an extra bed for seating in the house to be ready for guests for short notice.


Off Grid Tools Survival Axe :

This survival axe that not only looks hardcore, it has 30 unique features to handle about any situation , its designer off-grid tools boasts about its ability to do anything from chopping Woods ,to hammering nails and helping you survive a zombie apocalypse.
The strong grip is insured with glass filled nylon handle available in Black or green. 6 inch saw blade folds out in the place by twisting the knob located at the bottom of the handle . The hatched blade is made from heat-treated carbon steel can be resharpened to cut through anything .

The Hammerhead and the claw make it useful for construction , other notable features include heck sockets , glass breaker, seatbelt cutter, nail puller and bottle opener .

When it’s not used, you won’t have to worry about your camping survival axe getting rusty, positive coating weather rust prevention black oxide, so it’s ready to pick up and go whatever the situation and you will be in no doubt cool using it .


Trekology Yizi -Go chair :

Take Scenic views or relax by the campfire with yizy Go chair from trekology , with its comfy Deep seat design, this camping chair provides comfortable lower back support compared to previous models.

Its Loop attachment feature also allows for easy assembly without the need for any tools ,once set up, the chair measures a roomy 28 in tall by 22 inches wide with the seat itself being raised 15.4 inches off the ground , the Yizi Go can support a weight of up to 135 kilograms .

a sand cover is sold separately and can be attached to the bottom of the chair to stop it from sinking on softer surfaces for maximum comfort . During hotter humid days, the chair contains breathable side mesh panels to allow air flow through and to keep you cool.

There are also pockets in the under seat storage so you can store snacks , camping food or personal items, the major benefits of being able to detach the fabric is that the fabric is machine washable ,therefore you can make sure your seat is clean for each New Journey.

It also comes with its own travel bag and weighs under 1 kilograms or 960 grams in Total for convenient transportation so pick a color and take your own with you wherever you go.


Lunatecs Aquabot hydration spray water bottle :

Staying hydrated should be a priority for any Expedition, this water bottle from lunatec proves it can also be fun. The Aquabot hydration spray water bottle has three different settings ,shower stream and mist, this makes it useful in a variety of different ways.

You can cool off after a long hike, use it to clean your equipment or as spray water bottle for hair
and of course you can drink from it like water bottle , aside from multiple settings ,what makes this bottle unique is that it can produce stream of water that shoots over 25 feet without the use of any batteries.

This makes for fun shows or shootouts between two people or for use as power washer able to hold that up to one liter of water, the bottle can be disassembled without tools for easy maintenance . Spare parts are available from lunatecs to ensure a long life span , so cool off , clean off, hydrate and have fun.


Bison rolling BBQ Grill  :

The Bison rolling outdoors BBQ Grill is a successfully funded Kickstarter project, the product is a portable outdoor barbecue grill that can be rolled up for barbecues or camping trips, it takes less than a minute to unroll it, and set up the grill on the ground or on the top of an existing BBQ .

Simply slide down the adjustable stands inside the bars to keep it Rigid and the fire going underneath and you will be ready to cook up a feast . The dimension of the grill measures 300 millimeters by 250 ml when folded up , it’s going to be easily fit into your backpack .

The aluminum bars are made with thick Teflon for a long-lasting user-friendly experience, it is also dishwasher safe , so keeping it clean is a simple task.  In addition to all of these feats, the air Fusion Grill bars prevents burn marks from food , making the food healthy to eat ,it’s no wonder that this project was successfully backed, if you’re lucky to see one roll in your campsite soon.


UCO storm- matches  :

men’s ability to create controlled fire is a key moment in our advancement as species, the engineers at UCO, utility comfort and originality have taken this Evolution one step further with the creation of storm-proof matches .

These ingenious matches lights up quickly and consistently whenever the weather driving rains, heavy winds or snowfall will no longer be preventing you from lighting your campfire. the matche can even relight after being submerged in water, then unaffected by the Earth .

A box of 25  provide 6 minutes of constant reliable fire ,so don’t take the risk of having two bites of the elements and be left without fire,  keep a set of storm proof matches in your backpack as an emergency kit or glove box because you never know when you may meat them.


Jackfish survival credit card holder   :

Founded on Kickstarter and receiving over four times the requested 20,000 Euro funds , the jack fish survival credit card holder for phone is cleverly designed to make maximum use of minimal space , with just 8.5 millimeters thick, this credit card holder can house up to 4 credit cards while containing many useful survival tools at the same time.

Available in aluminum or titanium and made to last for a lifetime, a spring-loaded mechanism keeps the credit cards securely in place . Inside the holder is a micro screwdriver especially handy for those  who wore glasses , the MicroSD for storing copies of important documents .

A true utility microscopic pens with 3 refills aluminum whistle which can produce up to 120 decibel of sounds , the glass can contain up to 10 drops of liquid such as iodine windproof match stainless steel , spider buck knife, a liquid-filled button compass, 15 mm in diameters that’s a lot of kits for in a such a small space .

surprisingly the titanium version only weighs 145 grams, the aluminum version weighs only 106 grams , you can work, travel and explore safe in the knowledge that your survival kit is with you should you need it , without having to care about security or carrying a lot of heavy equipment , that’s intelligent design .


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