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If you are wondering if there are better funding solutions for hardware tech startups, other than the traditional venture capital funding, then this ebook will be your ultimate guide, describing and explaining how the service offer on cool tech gadgets and news will enable all tech entrepreneurs to launch their businesses in the perfect optimal business environment.


Funding for tech start-ups has always been the most important technical and financial hurdle, standing in the entrepreneurial journey of tech start-up founders, especially hardware start-up founders, who not only need an office for conducting day to day operations of their businesses like online software startups, but they need space for manufacturing their technical solution in the form of hardware product.


If traditional procedures of funding software start-up companies is filled with multiple unnecessary technical and financial hurdles. Funding for hardware start-ups is more difficult, because it involves the manufacturing of a prototype hardware product for market validation.

After market validation, the company or startup growth will depend on mass manufacturing of the hardware product, requiring more venture capital investment. Though, the term startup has always been associated with software online tech startups, there has been multiple tech companies that has succeeded in raising funding for a technical solution in the form of a hardware gadget.

Crowdfunding on popular crowdfunding platforms like kickstarter and indiegogo has been the best choice for hundreds of tech start-ups that have succeeded in raising funding for cool tech gadgets, having received favourable market reception.

Crowdfunding sites like kickstater and indiegogo have enabled some hardware manufacturing companies to raise funding amounts that have crossed the 10 million$ mark. This startup investment or fund raising approach has been successful only with b2c companies, where campaign creators promise their backers of delivering the gadgets after raising the required sum of money for mass manufacturing.


That's why, these crowdfunding websites were called reward based crowdfunding sites, where the campaign creators entice their backers, especially the early bird backers, of receiving a special perk, in the form of a generous discounted price of the physical product.


This fund raising approach that has been successful with this category of B2C businesses, unfortunately, it can not be successful with B2B companies or even B2C businesses, planning to manufacture an expensive hardware product, like an airplane or expensive transportation equipment, production or manufacturing process.


This category of B2B businesses, where the technical solution is affordable only to companies needing to use this technical solution, has only one funding procedure, which is equity crowdfunding, that has given proven successful fund raising campaigns.


These successful fund raising campaigns can be found on popular equity crowdfunding sites like Startengine, Crowdcube and seedr.

After 10 years of my struggles as a tech entrepreneur, aiming at developing and bringing to the market, ultimate innovative technological solutions, i have realised, it is really time not to solve these daunting technical problems, but focus on solving the first and most important technical problem.


We all face this problem, we are really aware of, but no one has tackled it with the perfect technical solution. This Technical solution, is creating the most effective technical solution discovery platform, giving more exposure, to anyone or technical problem solver wanting to showcase an innovative technical solution, designed to solve a daunting technical problem.

To continue reading, please download the full ebook.

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