Alternative funding and startup investment option for online software tech startups

funding and launching of software tech startup
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Alternative funding and startup investment option for online software tech startups

If you are looking for another better option for startup funding other than startup accelerator or venture capital, then cool tech gadgets and news can be your best startup investment and funding option for your startup business.

Hi to all tech statups founders, inventors and aspiring tech entrepreneurs who have developed great problem solving skills for building innovative technical solutions, for disrupting the way we live and make our lives achieve the highest quality.


As aspiring tech entrepreneur, we are and we were not aware of the other second hidden technical problem, that prevent the majority of ambitious aspiring tech entrepreneurs from pursuing their entrepreneurial journey.


This technical problem from the beginning, does not seem obvious, because our minds are focused only on problem solving of the technical life problem, we have encountered, making us perceive that our lives would be much better improved, if an innovative technical solution would be developed as soon as possible.


For the sake of not making this intro too long, let us introduce this obvious problem, obvious only for those who have succeeded in their business journeys, that is startup investment and funding for tech startups and tech companies, during the early stages as well as during the growth stages.


This article's main topic is introducing the tech entrepreneurs to the mission of this website, cool tech gadgets and news and how its offered services, not only for tech entrepreneurs building sass companies, will help greatly to totally eliminate the technical problems associated with funding.


Cool tech gadgets and news is not only an entrepreneur magazine or tech magazine, publishing latest coolest tech news about innovative gadgets, inventions and engineering solutions. It is also the first innovative technical solution, that will eliminate all the technical problems associated with entrepreneurship, in tech fields, ranging from market validation, easy efficient access to funding for any tech entrepreneur, having successfully validated his startup business idea, all the way up to building a successful profitable business.


This article should be read by any aspiring tech entrepreneur, planning to turn his startup business idea into an actual profitable business, around his offered technical solution. Why it should be read, not only because it is an ordinary entrepreneurship article, about entrepreneur mindset or entrepreneur examples.


It is in fact about a technical solution service that will make your entrepreneurial journey take the most efficient and freely affordable procedures, both in time and effort investment, from the first day, you have encountered a technical problem and have decided to be its problem solver, up until building a successful profitable business around your technical solution.


The two main topics , covered in this article are around overcoming the first technical obstacle of market validation and how your business will benefit from the perfect entrepreneurial environment for achieving the fastest sustainable growth and profitability.

To continue reading, please download the ebook.

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