How funding to start your own business can be more efficient on cool tech gadgets and news ?

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my first invention project in the form of the ultimate solution for urban air transportation

How funding for your hardware tech startup business will be more efficient than on other crowdfunding sites

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Here are the simple steps you will follow for creating your pre launch campaign page on Cool tech gadgets and news :



1. Creating and uploading your hardware product pitch video :

unismart campaign page

After shooting your product pitch video, making the necessary video editing, all you have to do is just upload or provide a link to its hosting platform, then fill the left part title, description of your product and image.

2. Filling the overview part of your product pre launch campaign page

unismart campaign page snapshots pic2

Though the video alone, will do the most work of introducing your product to the pre launch campaign page visitors, Filling this part with elements describing the most important technical features of your product will make the potential customer keep on reading the page.

3 Product features :

unismart campaign page pic4 product features

In this part of the campaign page, you have all the necessary space for illustrating all the technical features of your product, by focusing on its distinguished technical features, the potential customer will benefit from the most.

Here, as shown with Unismart pre launch campaign page, you will have the opportunity to include all highest engaging web page elements, like carrousels and any web page elements making it more engaging to the visitor, instead of using just text, pictures or gif images and videos.


unismart campaign page pic5 product features
unismart campaign page pic6 product features

4. Project story :

unismart campaign page pic7 project story

You will use an already made after effects template image, for filling the project story part of your pre launch campaign page.

5. Contact campaign owner:

unismart campaign page pic11 contact campaign owner

In this part, you will give more interested potential customers the opportunity to contact you about the most important issues of your business or product.

6. Comments section:

unismart campaign page pic12 comments

In this part, the pre launch campaign page visitors will have the opportunity to engage with you and with each other by comments, this will be your best opportunity to answer their questions.

After creating your pre launch campaign page, Cool tech gadgets and news email list of subscribers will be notified about your tech hardware product pre launch campaign page. This free affordable feature will be more effective than paid service on some gadgets promotion websites like The gadget flow.

The more entrepreneur launch their pre launch and crowdfunding campaign pages on cool tech gadgets and news, the more this email list, of only audience supporting pre launch, gets more massive, making newly created pre launch campaign pages getting more high quality traffic.

A massive email list of interested audience about supporting prelaunch campaigns will be created along side a massive list for post notification. So If you contribute in supporting cool tech gadgets and news in building a massive email list, all campaign launchers will benefit from massive influx of high quality traffic in their prelaunch campaigns.

To summarize up until this point, in addition to the financial benefit you will get, by creating and launching your pre launch campaign page on cool tech gadgets and news, you will save time in designing and creating a prelaunch campaign page as well as time and money in building an email list.

As highlighted, this free feature will be more effective than using paid promotion service of websites like the gadget flow. When launching your campaign page, there will be no stress of a deadline of missing to hit your target funding goal, as experiences with traditional crowdfunding sites .

Following the traditional procedures, you will find yourself having to pay for web hosting for creating a new unknown website and brand, have to pay monthly subscription for email autoresponder service, investing time in designing a website with a newly designed campaign page.

The last biggest investment in time and money will be faced when trying to build an email list for use in your upcoming crowdfunding campaign, because creating and launching a crowdfunding campaign page, on traditional crowdfunding sites, will get you no pledges from backers who don’t know you yet.

This biggest time and money investment is the most difficult part, as it involves paying for using the services of crowdfunding marketing agencies, to which, you will have to pay at least 50000$ for use as advertising budget on social media sites, then you will find yourself having to share at least 25% of your raised funding money from your backers.

On Cool tech gadgets and news, even if you have no single dollar, but you have an exciting hardware tech startup business idea sketched on paper, you won’t have to build a physical hardware prototype, but you can create realistic 3D render of the physical product, presenting it in an interactive way, for the audience to explore all of its features as it is really a real product.

Even if i am the only individual running Cool tech gadgets and news, i will provide this service of creating high quality 3D realistic animated model of the product, to be used for customers interaction and visualisation on your prelaunch campaign page.

After modelling, texturing and animating of your 3D realistic model of your product, it will be exported in a file made for use by web browsers, thanks to Java script framework, Verge3D, you will benefit from using it without having to pay for its licence.

All the demos shown here have no difference between real physical hardware prototype and its 3D realistic version displayed on web browser.

Parametric Online 3D Furniture Configurator

CPQ (Configure-Price-Quote) 3D Demo: Passenger Drone Configurator

Verge3D for Blender Basics - Part 1 - Introduction

Scooter - a Verge3D-based vehicle customizer

Paving Slabs 3D Configurator

Interactive 3D Warehouse Marketing Tool

This is the same approach i am using with the Flying Dream campaign, i am launching on Cool tech gadgets and news. You can click on the snapshot image of the campaign page below, to watch the video i have made for the campaign, without having to pay for building a physical hardware prototype.

I have come up with the Flying Dream Vtol aircraft design in September 2015, then launched the campaign in August 2017. The founders of Trifan XTI have founded their company in 2012, then launched their equity crowdfunding campaign on Start engine in 2015, raising nearly one half million $.

Trifan XTI start engine campaign page.

After creating your prelaunch campaign page, you will have also traffic from the website blog articles in addition to high quality traffic from the email list subscribers. Your product will be highlighted on the left side bar, with updated information about its funding status.

blog posts traffic

You will have free high quality traffic to your prelaunch page and not crowdfunding page, on which all crowdfunding sites send traffic only after their algorithm makes sure that the crowdfunding campaign has exceeded their funding goals, before deciding to send traffic from their email list or home page.

unismart campaign page pic8 campaign support option1

This marketing hack is what will determine the success of your hardware tech startup business idea. It can be applied on all countries, no matter how low the personal income is, in some low income countries. This marketing hack is the unique and most perfect market validation procedure.

This market validation procedure will work more perfectly than launching a crowdfunding campaign, promising the early supporters, that you will ship to them the mass manufactured product, after paying the product full price.

Enticing early supporters of the crowdfunding campaign by showing their interest in paying for using the hardware product, will contribute to attracting more potential customers, who are interested in paying for using the product, but not inclined in taking risk of paying full price of a hardware product that has not hit the market yet.

unismart campaign page pic9 campaign support option2

With a growing number of product supporters on third party trust worthy website, the tech entrepreneur can consider himself crossing the most difficult station in his entrepreneurial journey, which is market validation.

number of supporter snapshot complete

This marketing hack applied on a third party trust worthy platform will have a multiplied effect of success than
Using it on your newly created unknown website. It is the most perfect implementation of the lean startup methodology, used for business market validation.

My approach will save the hardware tech entrepreneur both time and money for creating an unknown website then spend on ads for validating your hardware tech startup idea, as it is made by the following tech entrepreneur, who use the lean startup methodology for validating their business ideas.

For tech entrepreneurs unfamiliar with the concept of lean startup methodology, i encourage you to watch the video below, as well as dedicating some time for reading Eric Ries book.

The following videos below, illustrate clearly how the lean startup methodology is applied in launching tech hardware business startup ideas.

After launching your pre launch campaign page on Cool tech gadgets and news, succeeding in getting a high number of campaign supporters, as shown in the picture below, simply means you have succeeded in paving the success road for your entrepreneurial journey.

startup campaign number of supporters

As for hardware tech entrepreneurs, launching funding campaigns for  their expensive hardware product or B2B business hardware product, they will not only benefit from launching an equity crowdfunding campaign on cool gadgets and news for pitching their expensive hardware product to interested investors.

Hardware tech entrepreneurs will have the opportunity for pitching their technical solution to the average consumers who would be interested in using the service offered by the product.

As an example if your campaign goal is fund raising for an urban vtol aircraft like the flying dream, that will be bought by urban and inter city air transport companies. Your prelaunch campaign will have the opportunity to have market validation thanks to the collected number of potential customers who will show publicly their interest in paying for using the service offered by the product, this feature alone will encourage investors to increase their investment in your fund raising campaign.

This combination of pitching your tech hardware startup business idea to both investors as well as the market consumers of the service offered by the product, will encourage more investors to take equity in your hardware tech startup business, thus more investment opportunities for your business.

Imagine you were planning to launch an equity crowdfunding campaign for the volocopter or trifan xti, which were both launched and have raised funding on equity crowdfunding sites seedmatch and startengine, as shown on the websites snapshots below.

Since these two transport aircrafts will be used by all people living in the city as their daily transport vehicles, giving them the opportunity to show their interest in paying for using the service offered by the product and not buying the product, only in case it is designed also for private use.

Launching a private equity investment or private equity campaign giving the consumers of the service offered by the product the opportunity to show their interest in paying for using the service, will contribute to make the equity crowdfunding campaign reach its highest funding ceiling.

Investors willing to take equity in the hardware tech startup will be more encouraged to invest, if they would witness real proof of a strong market validation of a high number of supporters, or high number of potential customers showing publicly their interest in paying for using the transport service offered by companies operating these vtol urban transport aircrafts.

Giving the pre launch campaign visitors the opportunity to show publicly their interest in paying for using the service offered by these vtol urban aircrafts, as it is made in the Flying Dream public and private urban vtol transport aircraft will make you achieve two goals in your marketing.

number of supporter snapshot complete

This approach will enable you to market your technical solution to the interested investors, as well as the interested customers of the company buying the product for use as service.

This approach will be effective for expensive hardware products that will be bought only by companies,
As in the case of lilium and the flying dream .

startup campaign number of supporters

Potential transport companies or airline companies will be more encouraged to make pre orders if they see high encouraging number of potential customers expressing publicly their interest in paying for using the service of urban air transportation provided by the product and not their interest in buying the product.

After achieving market validation with high number of potential customers having pledged 2$ for showing their public interest in paying for using the service offered by the transport companies interested in buying the the vtol urban transport aircrafts. The prelaunch campaign visitors will have other support options shown below.

startup campaign section

If your product is designed for both public and private use, you will have the opportunity for encouraging consumers who want to own and operate the product for private use, they will have the opportunity for making a public reservation.

Finally Investors will be more encouraged to take equity in your hardware tech startup, after succeeding in hitting a strong market validation number. All these unique exceptional prelaunch campaign support options will contribute to building a strong business foundation for launching your hardware tech startup.

Easyvids campaign page equity crowdfunding

All these freely affordable and effective procedures for launching tech hardware business or simple hardware businesses will allow the entrepreneur to take the shortest and most effective procedures.

maze pic
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