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Evolution of housing and transportation

Housing and personal transportation were and are still the two most demanding expenses in this day and age , and with this surge of massive global urbanization , their affordability and quality are not within the reach of a considerable global consumer base . Being one of the two current daunting technical problems , Human ingenuity has concentrated on two technical physical solutions  as well as two online service solutions , the two technical physical solutions are the development of ingenious smart home space saving furniture and smart personal portable battery powered transport equipment like electric scooters . As for the two online service solutions , without an introduction , they are ride sharing , co-living spaces and house rooms booking . In this blog article , you’re gonna explore how massive urbanization has contributed to the development of smart home space saving furniture and personal portable electric scooters for adults , how online services like house room booking ,shared co-living , co-working spaces and ride sharing were also by products of massive global urbanization and finally , you’re gonna explore The predicted future of how individuals will get affordable high quality housing and efficient transportation overcoming the current limitations of current housing and transportation models .

1 how massive urbanization has contributed to the development of smart home space saving furniture and personal portable electric scooters for adults

Example of portable compact battery powered electric scooter (minifalcon e-scooter )

mini falcon electric scooter

Example of smart home mechanized space saving furniture

( ori furniture)

ori space saving furniture

People who were living in the sixties in the western world , were not concerned like this current generation about affording reasonably good quality housing and transportation . People who were born during this period , we can call them also baby boomers in the US , were able to afford owning a big comfortable house and a big family car , though the technological advancement in our age is far higher to be compared from the sixties till 2000 . We are not going to dive deeper trying to answer this complex daunting question , since our articles are concentrating only on technology and its impact on human well being , i am going to open a small paragraph giving an answer from various sources . Some economists answer this question by saying that outsourcing factory manufacturing jobs was the cause of the current financial difficulties lived by western middle class and was the contributer to the development of big wealthy middle class in asian countries …

Western people since the sixties and especially the seventies, called the glorious economic decade , were enjoying high living standards in being able to afford high quality housing and personal car for transportation , the most controversial striking difference is that they were paid less than the current generation of millennials who are supposed to live better than their parents .

The booming car industry has encouraged suburban housing

housing in the seventies

Big four seats car was affordable to a large consumer base

1950 affordable big car

The booming car industry was the unique engine driving the world massive global urbanization and it has contributed to this modern urban city design where the city is divided into three to four zones :

Housing zone , working zone , recreational zone (usually in the town) and shopping zone .Urban planners and car manufacturing companies were not able to predict that this urban sprawl design is not sustainable and car use will not be efficient as it used to , which was sensed in the last years of the 90s , where car commute time was beginning to last longer .

People born in the 80s and 90s are currently living in the age of information revolution that is witnessing great technological and scientific breakthroughs , but these people are not able afford high quality housing and transportation as their parents and grand parents , which is really controversial . This dark reality that big modern house and car design is no longer sustainable has pushed for the development of efficient housing and transportation designs having one common trait which is having the most compact size possible . In the case of transportation , the transportation equipment fulfilling this requirement was the electric scooter .

Early two wheels scooters (1915-1922) were gasoline powered

With no design difference from current modern designs

electric scooter early designs pic4_0

Early two wheels scooters made their appearance during the infancy of the of the automobile industry when cars were not yet affordable to a wide consumer base . Today, they’re making their comeback profiting from a great scientific and technological breakthrough which is the development of lithium ion battery , with the first lithium ion battery powered scooter that was Glion dolly electric scooter .


Glion dolly electric scooter (considered the first lithium ion battery powered scooter)

glion dolly foldable electric scooter pic

After the launch of the Glion dolly electric scooter in 2013 , after being successfully crowdfunded on kickstarter , there were several crowdfunding campaigns of electric scooters with different designs and functionality features , the infographic list below illustrates these electric scooters designs :

URB-e folding electric scooter with seat


Wide wheel folding electric scooter (electric scooter for adults designed for more stable ride like the wheels electric scooter)

Wide wheel folding electric scooter (electric scooter for adults designed for more stable ride like the wheels electric scooter)

Aktivo scoot electric scooter , thanks to its hubless electric motors ,

This electric scooter for adults has more power for taking on steep roads and for more speed .


Mercane wheels compact folding three wheels electric scooter


Falcon mini electric scooter , compact electric scooter for adults , designed to be stored inside a specifically designed back pack .


For those of you interested in exploring more about these electric scooters ,click to watch these videos :

This was concerning the immerging transport equipment design . As for the housing design . With the same analogy that modern current four seats car will not be affordable ,as it used to, to a wide consumer base , the big splendid suburban house will not only be a dream as the majority is struggling to pay the bills of a decent apartment .Big suburban housing will be a fantasy dream as a considerable number of people is struggling to afford the rent of a decent apartement .

The suburban house of the fifties is currently a studio apartment for one individual or a two beds apartment for a family of two or four .With this shrinking modern housing size , the modern house is making a big compromise between functionality and socializing feature of the house .In this case , the functionality is just offering  a place for sleeping , bathing …etc . As For the socializing feature which makes the house a social interaction between family members or other family members during ceremonies and occasions, this feature is almost lacking and one of the biggest cause is that there is no space for accommodating furniture .To solve this problem , human ingenuity has tackled this technical design problem by developing smart home space saving furniture having the following features of serving multiple functions and shrink its size when it is no longer used . The following infographic list illustrates all the recent popular space saving furniture designs :






2 how online services like house room booking ,shared co-living and co-working spaces and ride sharing were also a by product of massive global urbanization


Even though , this blog article is talking about the influence of massive global urbanization on the immerging market of smart home space saving furniture and personal portable rechargeable electric scooters , neglecting these two other by products of massive global urbanization will not put the reader in front of the whole perspective .That is why this section is focusing entirely on these online service solutions that are vacant house room booking , shared co-living and co-working spaces and ride sharing .


With the widespread global use of internet use , an individual tried to leverage this information tool to inquire about vacant house rooms for lodging and this was the story of couch surf founder who has come up with this online service idea of listing vacant house rooms for lodging in 2005 after his trip to iceland during which ,he has stayed in a vacant house room . He was able to contact the house owner by sending an inquiring email to an email list he has hacked on the college web server . May be this business idea has inspire a little bit the founder of air bnb after observing that people visiting the bay area in San Francisco had hard times finding available hotel rooms and all of you know the story .



Another immerging housing and working trend in the recent years is the shared co-living and co-working spaces with the best know service provider being weWork for shared co-working spaces as well as other ……

We all know that anything having a commercial use is more expensive than anything made for just personal use . This analogy is totally applicable to corporate offices and personal housing .People like free lancers and start up founders find using services offered by weWork more convenient than renting a private office by profiting from a considerable price drop and exceptional professional work atmosphere , All this thanks to this simple business idea of flexible division of big office area into custom occupied areas instead of fixed office area offered by traditional corporate office renters . The individual user or users will have to pay just a bundled bill that includes rent , cleaning and other ameneties wifi , electricity and coffee …


As for co-living spaces , the immerging of this housing service not only reflects the fact of lacking of the socializing feature in modern housing designs but also reflects how a minimal housing unit like a studio apartment is not affordable to a considerable consumer base . This was not said to express or conclude that shared co-living spaces service is inferior than studio apartment housing , on the contrary , it offers more than a studio apartment at the lowest prices , it offers the individual a private room ,private toilet and private kitchenette the same as a studio apartment in addition to using a wide public space for socializing like public dining rooms , lounging spaces , home cinemas , public gyms ….The user can profit from all these amazing features by paying a single bundled bill that includes the rent of the private room plus the ameneties like wifi , water ,laundry and electricity . The most amazing feature is that this bundled bill is lower than the rent bill of a studio apartment .


The online service solution for urban transportation , as all of you know , is ride sharing like uber and lyft for cars and recently launched service of electric scooter ride share offered by companies like bird . After nearly ten years of it launch , no major signs have been witnessed that indicate a decrease of urban air pollution and urban road congestion , but one common feature being witnessed is the big consumer reception as well as satisfaction that has encouraged a considerable number of millennials to not think of owning a car . I would like here to add my proper opinion concerning the ultimate technical solution that will solve definitely the problem of urban transportation , these are two definite technical solutions the first one is the total electrification of all road vehicules  for eliminating air pollution and the second technical solution that will eliminate definitely road congestion is the development and deployment of public and personal urban air transportation along with its proper infrastructure . For those of you interested in the current progress being made in the development of the immerging future transportation , you can check the following

detailed article : Evolution of flying cars and urban air transportation  from  vision to current progress




3 The predicted future of how individuals will get affordable high quality housing and efficient transportation overcoming the current limitations of current housing and transportation models


After reading this article till here , i am 100 percent sure you’ll have a clear optimistic perspective about the future , in which , the individual will experience the highest quality of living even higher than a current billionaire . This article has treated only two of the 7 composing pillars of human well being which are : housing , transportation , education, health care , professional life and social life , since these two components are the hardest to attain and have big impact on the other components , making high quality housing and transportation affordable to all individuals will enable humanity to attain highest quality of living . This article has shown clearly that the immerging future solution services will provide the definite technological solution for urban housing and transportation .Even though , you are reading this article , during these times where the modern average individual is struggling to make ends meet , this is happening during the trend shift which is known to cause some financial pain before the immerging trend becomes the norm . A clear illustrating proof , European people have suffered and endured hard times during the industrial revolution where people immigrated from poor country side to settle in the cities and they have not experience prosperous times until the period between 1930 and 1940 . This housing and transportation trend could take place in this decade where the individual for the first time in history will get high quality housing and transportation independently of his social status .





City was humanity’s first , biggest and most incredible invention to date along with the invention of writing and other incredible ancient inventions that are still living with us like the wheel . As we all know , nothing comes perfect And the same can be said about the current modern city design which was supposed to serve future generations as well as the first inhabitants . The limitation of this current modern city design to support equally the world’s massive global urbanisation has recently forced humanity to adapt to some new immerging service models of housing and transportation like shared co-living and working spaces , ride sharing and future immerging urban air transportation as well as the development of some ingenious space saving designs in furniture and development of compact personal portable transport equipment like electric scooters with money saving being the main driver driving all these immerging changes . All these immerging changes in urban housing and transportation will have massive positive impact on the human  well being , as it will enable equally all individuals to afford high quality housing and transportation without having to own real estate assets or personal transport equipment . The individual , in this case , will focus on enjoying his life by enjoying high quality housing and transportation instead of wasting precious period in one’s prime years worrying and paying debt for a house that will not be occupied during the majority of the day and even if the individual stays at home during the whole day most house space will not be occupied . The same can be said about car ownership and thank god , this blog article is written during this period witnessing economic slow down where the majority in western world can not pay their car debt and even if they can pay, an individual not owning a four seat car , but prefers using online services like ride sharing or the upcoming immerging public urban air transportation will enjoy high end quality transportation than an individual owning a private car . The future seems to be brighter , since the individual quality of  life will be far better than previous generations who were able to afford owning a car or a house and i would like to know your opinions about this conclusion in the comments section .

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