How you can achieve highest business growth rates, if you choose to start your own business as hardware tech startup on cool tech gadgets and news?

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How you can start your own business as hardware tech startup on cool tech gadgets and news? for achieving highest growth rates

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Achieving a strong market validation after using free affordable procedures and tools, in creating your pre launch campaign page on Cool tech gadgets and news. All these freely affordable and effective performed procedures will help you launch your crowdfunding campaign with unlimited ease with the same comfort of starting your business from home.

Your built email list in your pre launch campaign, composed of subscribers and supporters who have opted in supporting you, whether by paying 2$ for showing publicly their interest in paying for using the product or service, making reservations or pledging 5$ ads for helping your campaign reach more interested customers.

This email list will be used for notifying the subscribers about the date of your crowdfunding campaign launch, which can be considered an already successful crowdfunding campaign, because succeeding in preparation will guarantee the success in the exam.

That’s why the market validation represented in the number of supporters who have chosen to pledge 2$ for showing publicly their interest in paying for using the product or service, this number will play a crucial role in whether you would proceed with your crowdfunding campaign or not, it is the strong factor that will determine whether you can start your own business or not.

Assuming you have won the battle for achieving a strong market validation number, this will allow you to proceed in running a guaranteed successful crowdfunding campaign, with guaranteed successful funding and with no mental stress associated with having to reach your funding goal in a precise time interval.

After a successful crowdfunding campaign, your collected funding will be used for starting your company, contacting a licensed manufacturer for starting the mass manufacturing of your hardware product, as well as hiring the necessary professional staff for conducting day to day business operations.

After receiving your manufactured products, you will create a sale’s page on Cool tech gadgets and news. Your crowdfunding campaign backers, as soon as they will receive their shipped products, they will be notified of sending a confirmation email to Cool tech gadgets and news.


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When confirming the product shipping, they will be asked to write a review, on Cool tech gadgets and news, describing their user experience of the product. These written reviews on the sale’s page created on Cool tech gadgets and news will be your invaluable selling machine, especially when you care about your product’s quality and your customer’s experience.


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Your future customers and clients will make their payment on the sale’s page created on cool tech gadgets and news, after sending a notification of receiving their shipped product, their payment will be deposited into your account, thus contributing in making more sales on trust worthy third party website, as well as avoiding sale’s transaction friction.


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In addition to having this possibility of having a sale’s page on a trust worthy third party website, enabling your company to generate highest sales number, thanks to the generated customers reviews, without having to store your products on a specific warehouse, as in the case of Amazon.

This approach will be free and more effective than setting up a shoppify store with a monthly subscription of 30$. In addition to the created sale’s page, listing your product among multiple products on Cool tech gadgets and news market place, the entrepreneur will have the opportunity to create his custom microsite.

This microsite will have custom created pages, a home page, contact page, about us page and a personal blog with an email sign up and autoresponder, on a category holding your company’s name, making your online presence more reachable than on a newly created website.

This approach will make the buyer making his buying decision only on cool tech gadgets an news market place, because he will find all the high quality products within a category, without having to search for another company’s product and waste time reading products reviews.

If the product is really of highest quality, then having only one single sale’s page on a trust worthy third party website will contribute to high number of customers reviews, which will contribute to the highest sales number possible.




With cool tech gadgets and news, there will be no need for investment institutions like Banks, venture capital companies or investors. The same philosophy followed in Automating all human labour, including the manual labour, oral and intellectual jobs as well as the majority of computer jobs in video editing and game development.

This same philosophy will be applied in automating investment, without needing workers working in banking or investment institutions, because the consumer market will have the unique final decisive word and not an investor working for his own personal interests or a banker working for the interest of his banking institution,

The entrepreneur will not be under the mercy of an investor or investment institution, not able to understand the value of his technical solution, that can be sensed only by its customers, who will have the opportunity to support the funding without taking a risk.

The same philosophy i will follow for eradicating all redundant jobs, ranging from manual jobs, repeated oral intellectual jobs as well as the majority of computer jobs, this same philosophy will be followed for eliminating jobs in investment and banking institutions, the word investor or people working in investment or banking institutions should not exist.


If you believe you can achieve success that all these people have been enabled and not able to achieve, thanks to their families wealth and the business environment contributing the their business growth, then Cool tech gadgets and news will be your perfect means and your unique investor.

Supporting Cool tech gadgets and news simply means supporting the ultimate financial revolution, enabling any one around the world to unleash his entrepreneurial spirit to come up with innovative technological solutions for the world’s most daunting technical problems, Without having fear of taking risk.

Cool tech gadgets and news will totally cut the middle role played by investors or investments institutions like banks or venture capital funding, giving themselves the privileged  role of judging whether a technological solutions would be worth investing in or not.

Even if you would be able to raise more funding from investors or banking and investment institutions, like in the case of Qubi, having managed to raise more than 2 Billion $ and failed in achieving market growth, you will have to sell your product or service, no matter how much capital you have at your disposal.


The decision of your potential customers to buy you product or service is the only unique factor that will guarantee your business success and not the massive investment amount you have raised. Cool tech gadgets and news will enable you to sell even if you have no single dollar for starting your business. That’s why the word investor or banking and investment institutions should totally disappear.

All tech entrepreneurs around the world will have equal opportunities in access to funding, without feeling limited or constrained by the social and cultural components of the environment, whether it is favorable for encouraging tech businesses.


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