The title of this article begins with a question and not an affirmative sentence in a form like this : ‘this disruptive invention will solve a daunting technological problem’ .This article is really controversial , because in my opinion , a travel tripod for dslr cameras and smartphones like peak design travel tripod is not really a disruptive gadget or invention that has solved a common problem in traditional tripods available on the market .The main feature of this travel tripod is its space saving design which may not be a too big problem for raising more than 10 million $ . I always wish to write articles in this category of latest coolest gadgets and inventions about serious innovative gadgets or inventions that have raised more than 10 million USD$ or have at least solved a serious technological or design problem but i found myself forced to write this article about Peak design travel tripod and include it in this category of latest coolest gadgets and inventions , just because it has raised more than 10 million $USD .Having said that the peak design travel tripod has not solved a serious technological problem does not mean the product has not introduced some innovative design elements which we will be talking about in this article . I am sorry for making this too long intro , because i found myself hesitant to write this article about a tripod and include this article in the category of latest coolest gadgets and inventions , this category is for only disruptive gadgets and inventions people are really waiting for to be available in the market and give up using the previous gadget with an unsolved technological or design problem , to clarify this point , imagine you are an avid photographer who use one of the popular tripods for camera, tripods for iphone or tripods for gopro like manfrotto tripods , Benro, Silk and Velbon on the full range, and on the high end from Miller and Gitzo or some good quality tripods on amazon , imagine if you are a user of one of these tripods and you have stumbled on reading an article about peak design travel tripod , will you give up your high quality manfrotto tripod that has costed you between 100 $ and 200 $ for a photography tripod costing between  nearly 400$ for the aluminum version and nearly 600 $ for the carbon fiber version .The coolest gadgets and inventions that have crossed the 8 figure mark are the following : ubuntu edge smartphone , pebble smartwatch ,flow hive and the coolest cooler .All these gadgets had a very clear cutting edge advantage over available products on the market . To answer this controversial question , this is what you’re gonna explore in this article about how this travel tripod has been funded by more than 27 thousand backers and can this really be the best travel tripod for dslr and smartphone camera users .

1 How this travel tripod has been funded by more than 27 thousands backers


 One of the most striking feature even an average individual can observe in the peak design travel tripod kickstarter crowdfunding campaign is huge number of backers that has exceeded 27 thousand backers who have backed a tripod costing between double to triple high quality tripods available on the market with good customer reviews .This is for me the most striking feature i have found in this kickstarter campaign , because i know some crowdfunding campaigns for innovative gadgets with high talented teams in designing , prototyping and marketing , these crowdfunding campaigns were too far to cross the 8 figure mark like the volterman smart wallet that has raised more than 2 million $ and Bragi the dash ,world’s first smart earbuds , has raised more than 3 million USD $ on kickstarter .An average individual who was not following closely the timeline of the most successful and innovative crowdfunding campaigns can not get a satisfying clear answer . In the case of Peak design travel tripod , this is the ninth kickstarter campaign after the first kickstarter campaign in 2011 of the camera clip the infographic below outlines all the necessary information about the gadgets without too much words .


The answer appears to be simple and not complex ,Peak design’s 8 years record of launching nine successful crowdfunding campaigns has helped greatly build a strong brand not only by the number crowdfunding campaigns but also the strong commitment of the company to focus on the lucrative photography or photography gadgets niche thanks to Peter Dering, company founder, personal interest in photography .This strong commitment and personal interest in photography has contributed to make the company deliver high quality gadgets since the first one , the camera capture clip .

To clarify deeply this strong effect of a strong brand ability to raise this insane amount of funding , the best example to mention is the Ubuntu edge ,a crowdfunding project launched on indiegogo by canonical , the company behind the development of Ubuntu , Linux operating system , this company has managed to raise more than 12 million for a smartphone without a previous crowdfunding campaign or even a prototype . For the sake of being fair and neutral , Peak design’ s strong commitment in photography gadgets not only reflects its high quality design but also the deep interest and passion for photography . Below is an infographic list of various photography gadgets and photography equipment designed by peak design after successful kickstarter campaigns :

Peak Design Cuff Camera Wrist Strap


Slide Camera Sling and Clutch Hand Strap by Peak Design


Every day messenger bag


The Everyday Backpack, Tote, and Sling

The Travel Line: Versatile Travel Backpack + Packing Tools

Having already a strong established brand that has already launched a successful crowdfunding campaign will boost greatly the chances of raising more money than launching a crowdfunding campaign for the first time even with a ground breaking innovative gadget or product and this is what has contributed to big success of Peak design travel tripod.


2 can this really be the best travel tripod for dslr and smartphone camera users


Now let’s dive deep into the second main topic of this article ,a company like peak design that has manufactured high quality travel gadgets with good customer reviews will for sure make it with its late crowdfunded  photography travel gadeget , the peak design travel tripod .concerning the manufacturing material used in the this travel tripod , the peak design travel tripod comes in two  versions , aluminum and carbon fiber as shown below .


When compared with popular tripods for dslr cameras and smart phones with good customer reviews, as shown below , the high expensive price of peak design travel tripod , should be seriously taken into account .

The first best company to compare Peak design with is manfrotto that is not only well known with its popular manforotto tripods for dslr cameras and smart phones , it also manufactures and sells all travel gadgets related items as shown below .

Manfrotto carbon fiber tripod (list of best tripods onamazon)


Manfrotto aluminium tripod (list of best tripodson amazon)

I am fully sure that while you are continuing reading to this point ,you are beginning to understand why i have made this long intro about the peak design travel tripod , or in other words , will pay twice the price of a high quality travel tripod with best customer reviews and manufactured by one of the oldest companies specialising in manufacturing all travel gadgets related items .In my persnoal point of view , i can consider peak design travel tripod as Iphone in the smartphone market , a product backed by a strong company brand and long history of innovation , these two elements qualify why there is considerable huge customer base who are ready to pay twice the premium price of a high quality product already available on the market with good customer reviews .




All the articles written in the this category of latest coolest inventions and gadgets ,on cool tech gadgets & news web site, are trying to focus on rare technological innovations having some disruption elements .The topic on this article is rally controversial , as the gadgets has no disruption elements but its ability to raise more than 10 million $ is the disruptive element in raising funding and not a disruption in design but innovative design in space saving .The strong brand of Peak design was the only factor behind raising and crossing the 8 figure wall and the precious lesson to learn for future business founders is the precious and invaluable brand compound effect that has helped a company like peak design raise this amount of money only reputable companies can achieve as in the case of ubuntu edge and pebble smart watch .As i have said , the real reason in writing this article was not about a disruptive gadget but about disruptive trend in raising financial funding for a business or startup .

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