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  • Use The Redison Senstroke To Play The Drums On Any Surface

Playing drums is fun. Having a neighbor who plays drums? Not so much. The darn things are just too loud. That’s why practice drum pads have become popular, as they let you work on hitting backbeats, pounding on the center snare, and a whole host of other playing techniques without causing the neighbors to file a noise complaint. The Redison Senstroke offers another alternative.

Designed to let you play drums without any actual drums in sight, the system uses sensors that can mount on your drumsticks and your feet, allowing it to detect how you’re moving them at all times. Paired with the companion app, it can generate realistic percussion sounds, allowing you to simulate playing while creating very little noise from the comfort of your bedroom.

The Redison Senstroke sensors can be attached to any type of drumsticks, so you can use ones already in your stash, although the company also sells their own sticks, in case you’re a beginner looking to learn the drums for the first time. According to the outfit, the app can detect exactly how you’re moving the sticks and tapping your feet as you hit whatever surfaces you’re using as the drums, simulating the exact same sound that will be produced if you were doing that on actual instrument. That means, you can practice your four-limb coordination completely with this thing, allowing you to feel what it’s like to play drums without ever actually sitting behind a drum kit.

It won’t just detect how you strike the skins, by the way, but even monitor the positioning and the rebound, varying the eventual sound based on that. This means, you can simulate more complex drum techniques, as it can potentially differentiate between a center snare and a rim shot, allowing you to use this for practice even as you progress in actual skill.

What materials can you use to practice with the Redison Senstroke? Anything will pretty much work, from pillows and notebooks to random pieces of cardboard. We’re big fans of using books and notebooks, by the way, since their cardboard covers make for a nice playing surface while their thick pile of leaves help produce a little extra bounce. If you want to make it more immersive, though, the outfit also sells 11-inch practice pads made of 5mm-thick rubber that, the outfit claims, will offer a realistic bounce, similar to regular drums. The pads also produce sound that’s supposedly 50 percent quieter than regular practice pads, potentially making them a better option than a regular practice kit.

The sensors, by the way, can run for up to 12 hours between charges, so you can practice for an entire half day before needing to charge everything. The app, on the other hand, is available on iOS (10 and higher), Android (8 and higher), and Windows 10.

The Redison Senstroke is available in a variety of packs, depending on your needs. Sensors are available for €59 apiece, with the standard kit getting you four sensors for €219.



Kolude DK-K1 Keyhub Combines Keyboard And Docking Port In One Peripheral

Chances are, your work desk has a keyboard, a mouse, and a port hub. You need the first two to do almost any actual computing task, while the third one is necessary to use different types of accessories. The Kolude DK-K1 Keyhub puts the docking hub right on the keyboard, allowing you to better streamline your workspace setup.

A keyboard and USB hub combo, the device puts two integral computing accessories together, allowing you to plug your USB accessories on the same peripheral you can’t live without anyway. Granted, it’s not as convenient to use as a separate port hub that you can move anywhere, but it does free up space on the desk, making it an attractive option for folks looking to tighten up their workspace.

The Kolude DK-K1 Keyhub is a full-size keyboard, so it should handily replace whatever you’re currently using to get your typing tasks done. It uses scissor switches, which we know quite a few people favor for their slim profiles and snappy operation, with no mechanical option, so those who prefer typing with a loud clicking sound won’t be able to use it as a proper replacement. The keyboard uses slim, rounded keys, by the way, which, we have to admit, look pretty good, with two-zone range functions that should help in optimizing your workflow.

Of course, what makes this keyboard worth the consideration is the integrated docking function. The entire rear edge of the keyboard is filled with a generous row of ports that you can use to plug your computing accessories without having to reach for the laptop or reach around the back of the desktop. Whether you need to retrieve files on an external drive, transfer files to an SD card, or charge any of your half-dozen mobile accessories, this thing should find plenty of uses in your daily computing activities.

The Kolude DK-K1 Keyhub has an HDMI slot for adding a second monitor, as well as a USB-C slot for easily connecting to any modern computer or tablet equipped with the port. There are three USB 3 slots, one USB 2 slot, and a USB-C PD charging port, so you can plug and charge a whole load of USB devices, as well as a TF card slot and an SD card slot, which makes it a great accessory for folks who shuffle through card storage regularly. When you plug a monitor into the HDMI, by the way, it supports up to 4K at 30 fps, so you can get really good visuals using this between your PC and an additional display.


Construction is single-piece aluminum for the body, which is CNC-cut for precision, with a non-slip mat at the bottom to keep the keyboard from moving around while you’re working. All the keys have built-in backlighting, too, so you can work with minimal desk lighting. It works with any Windows, MacOS, iPad OS, and Android computers.

A Kickstarter campaign is currently running for the Kolude DK-K1 Keyhub. You can reserve a unit for pledges starting at $99.

Albicchiere Lets You Enjoy An Opened Bottle Of Wine For Up To Six Months


Yes, you can open a bottle of wine, pour out a glass (or a giant glass), and store the rest in the fridge to keep it fresh for a few days. A lot of the time, though, that bottle ends up getting stale and thrown out, wasting an otherwise decent batch of fermented grape juice. The Albicchiere offers a better solution.

Billed as a “smart wine dispenser,” it’s a countertop appliance designed to house a single bottle of wine and preserve it, so you can enjoy a single glass while making the whole bottle last a whole lot longer. That way, you can enjoy an entire bottle of vino by the glass whenever you feel like it instead of being forced to either drink an entire bottle in a short time or put it all to waste.

The Albicchiere is a wine preservation and dispenser system that allows you to enjoy a single bottle one glass at a time for up to six months. That’s right, a whole half year. The appliance will preserve your wine while keeping it chilled, too, so you can keep it on the countertop permanently, instead of having it take up space in the fridge. A companion app allows you to set the exact temperatures you want the wine to be kept in (anywhere from 4 degrees to 20 degrees Celsius), so every glass you pour out of the dispenser’s tap is as fresh and as cold as you want it to be.

Do note, you don’t actually open a bottle and put it inside the appliance. According to the outfit, that’s because bottles leave empty space inside between the contents and whatever’s covering the bottle, making it possible for oxygen to get in and come in contact with the wine, which is what will eventually ruin its taste. Instead, you’re supposed to pour the wine inside a proprietary wine bag that’s designed to let the wine out without allowing air in, leaving no room for any amount of air to get in.

The Albicchiere comes with a button on top that you can press to pour out a single glass, although you can also activate it using the companion app, in case you want to pour out a glass while you’re in the living room (just make sure you left a glass right under the nozzle). It also has a large color display right on the unit, which shows you pertinent details about its operation, such as the things you need to do during initial setup or the current temperature of the wine inside.


While you can simply pour your own bottle of wine inside one of the bags, the outfit also sells a variety of wines already pre-packaged in them. If you go this pre-packaged route, you can simply take the wine out of the box and put it inside the appliance. The device will scan the bag for the type of wine and automatically set the temperature to the ideal cooling level for that specific variant, although you do have the option to override it via the companion app.

A Kickstarter campaign is currently running for the Albicchiere. You can reserve a unit for pledges starting at €249.

TileRec Is An SD-Card Sized Audio Recorder For Discreet And Convenient Audio Capture

It looks like a carrying case for SD cards. Or one of those tiny Bluetooth trackers. It’s neither. Instead, the TileRec is an audio recorder that’s designed to help you preserve your thoughts into a sound recording in the fastest, most convenient way possible.

Billed as the “world’s slimmest voice-activated recorder,” the device measures a tiny 1.6 x 1.6 x 0.2 inches, literally making it look like nothing more than a few SD cards stacked together. That way, you can put it in your shirt’s front pocket and keep it there, allowing you to simply speak your thoughts at any time and have it recorded for later review.

The TileRec is an MP3 audio recorder that’s voice-activated, so it will only start recording whenever it hears you speaking. Otherwise, it will switch to a passive listening mode, so your audio files won’t be filled with long sequences devoid of any sounds. This allows you to conveniently record every conversation, every idea you mutter loudly, and every thought that goes from your mind to your lips at that very moment. No more pulling out the smartphone and launching your favorite voice notes to get your ideas recorded – just say it out loud at any time and the device will record it all on its own. Do note, you’ll need to switch on the record mode using the slider control for the device to listen constantly. If you don’t want it to be listening at all times, simply turn the record mode off, at which point you’ll have to physically switch on record to make it start capturing audio.

According to the outfit, it has a audio recording range of 15 feet, so it won’t only record your voice, it will likely record the sounds made by people in your immediate vicinity. Yeah, it’s not ideal, since other people around you talking could also prompt the audio capture whenever it’s in recording mode. Still, each session will likely be saved as its own file, so it should be easy to find recordings that aren’t yours and delete them. The upside of this, by the way, is that you can use it to record an entire meeting discreetly, so you can review later, in case you blanked out at some point and stopped paying attention.


The TileRec records audio in a 128kbps MP3 format, which should give you a clear and good-quality recording of your thoughts and ideas, making it easy to sort through them later. It has a built-in battery that can keep it in record mode for up to 24 hours between charges, allowing you to keep it recording all throughout the day without worrying about draining the battery. There’s no playback option on the device itself, although it can be hooked up to a computer via USB if you want to go through the files, listen to them, or transfer them into a separate storage. It’s plug-and-play compatible, by the way, with Windows, MacOS, and Android machines, so you can easily open the files using any file explorer app.

A Kickstarter campaign is currently running for TileRec. You can reserve a unit for pledges starting at $40.

• Dyson Lightcycle Morph Adds Multiple Adjustment Points To The Daylight-Mimicking Lamp

Remember the Dyson Lightcycle? You know, that fancy lamp that mimics natural daylight at all times throughout the day. Yeah, it’s pretty cool. The Dyson Lightcycle Morph takes that pioneering lamp and improves on it, turning out a lighting product that’s a whole lot more useful in a wide variety of settings.

Like its predecessor, the new lamp can match the natural outdoor lighting of wherever you are located, so you can have the same level of brightness indoors with the curtains down as you will experience if you decide to step out of the house. Unlike it, the lamp’s adjustment isn’t restricted to just a height slider, giving you a lot more ways to position the lamp head, so that you can use it in all sorts of spaces, whether at home or in the office.

The Dyson Lightcycle Morph carries over all the lighting elements of the original version, allowing it to create the same brightness and warmth as natural daylight at any time of the day. You get full control of the light, too, either via touch-sensitive sliders on the lamp or the companion app, so you can have it beaming daylight-style illumination even you’re burning the midnight oil to help keep you wide awake while you work on that report you can never seem to finish. It can intelligently adjust the light based on the time of day, your age (the older you are, the brighter it will be), and what kind of task you are doing, so it will provide the optimal level of lighting at all times.

The big change for this iteration, though, are the available adjustments for the light’s position. Chief among it is the new multi-segmented arm that can pivot 360-degrees on two sections (at the end and at the middle), as well as a lamp head that can be rotated 360 degrees, so you can have it facing up, down, or any angle in between. The lamp’s vertical frame now comes with its own LEDs, too, which you can use to create a soft, diffused glow to help illuminate a space evenly. Oh yeah, that vertical lighting can even be set to simulate candlelight, so you can feel like you’re in a room with nothing but candles providing illumination.

The Dyson Lightcycle Morph has three primary modes: task light, ambient light, and feature light. The task light creates a focused and powerful light that makes you feel like you’re outdoors, which should help reduce eyestrain, whether you’re reading a book, watching TV, or scrolling down on your endless feed on the iPad, while the ambient light produces a comforting glow with reduced blue light that’s meant to keep you relaxed without any added stimulation. The feature light, on the other hand, produces a strong, high-quality illumination that you can use to showcase art and display pieces.

According to Dyson, the lamp uses a copper rod cooling system that’s able to extend the lifespan of the LEDs for far longer than usual. As such, the outfit claims the LEDs should last a whopping 60 years, making this the kind of fixture you can pass down to the next generation.

The Dyson Lightcycle Morph is available now, priced at $650 for the desktop version and $850 for the floor version.


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