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  • Lovell Destruct Wipes Every Trace Of Data From Your Hard Drive

It’s long been known that simply pressing delete on your keyboard doesn’t really get rid of data in your hard drive. You can even empty the recycle bin all you want or go through the trouble of reformatting the hard drive – you’ll still be leaving recoverable traces that can be used to piece old data back together. Yes, there are some tools out there that can get the job done, although the Lovell Destruct sounds a whole lot simpler.

A bootable USB dongle that automatically erases a hard drive after booting, the dongle is equipped with an auto-launching military-grade data wipe software that will permanently remove all traces of data from the drive. Whether you’re looking to sell an old laptop, removing compromising data from a hard drive without wrecking it, or just want to remove all traces of personal information from your work computer, this thing lets you do that with plug-and-play simplicity.

The Lovell Destruct is a key-shaped USB dongle, complete with a hole at the head, so you can hook it in your key fob, giving you easy access to a data remover right in your pocket. To use, simply set the computer to boot from USB, plug it into an available port, and leave it to go to work. The auto-launching software will then proceed will the data removal process, which spans three successive passes, all launched one after the other. Do note, this thing goes straight to work deleting content from all hard drives hooked up to your PC, so make sure you don’t have any external drives hooked up or any data lying somewhere that you actually want to keep.

The first pass will take a couple of hours (actual time varies depending on drive size), doing a superficial cleaning of the drives automatically. The second pass is a lot more involved, as it thoroughly scours for any remaining data it will need to remove, so expect this phase to go a whole lot longer (like an entire day or more). This, by the way, is the kind of data wipe that regular operating systems just do not perform, which is why most good recovery software are able to get a good chunk of old data back. The third pass is, basically, a final cleanup, just in case it missed anything from the first two, and should finish a little sooner than the first pass.


As you can tell from that description, the Lovell Destruct isn’t the kind of thing that can wipe your hard drive in a single afternoon. Instead, it’s the kind of thing you’ll have to plug in and leave to do its own thing for a day or more, only checking in once in a while to intervene, in case it encountered any issues. The outfit claims, doing all three passes will ensure no data is recoverable from the drive, ensuring even more popular recovery software won’t be able to unearth any of those private documents that will compromise your secret superhero identity.

The Lovell Destruct is available now.


NuPhy NuType F1 Is A Wireless Mechanical Keyboard For Laptop Users

Mechanical keyboards are great, allowing you to type faster and more accurately, while feeling a whole lot better with their responsive tactile feel. Problem is, they’re also bigger, making them unsuitable for use anywhere other than homes and offices. The NuPhy NuType F1 wants to change that.

Billed as “the smallest mechanical keyboard in the world,” the peripheral is designed to sit comfortably on top of laptop keyboards, allowing you to use it with your on-the-go devices, so you can enjoy the crunchy sound of mechanical switches while working on the road.  Granted, you’ll need some extra room in your bag to fit it, so you won’t be able to leave house with just a laptop sleeve or one of those super slim laptop-only backpacks in tow.

The NuPhy NuType F1 is 64-key wireless mechanical keyboard that measures 277.5 x 94.6 x 16.8 mm, making it compact enough to fit in your everyday backpack, so you can take it along with the rest of your daily productivity gear. It uses ultra-thin Kaihua chock switches, which are 42 percent shorter than standard mechanical switches, allowing them to shrink the whole thing into a size that’s more suited to membrane keyboards. It can pair with all Windows, MacOS, iOS, and Android devices via Bluetooth, with an opening at the bottom that allows you to put it on top of the laptop’s keyboard without it actually touching any of the keys.

Naturally, this won’t work with all laptops, since each one has its own keyboard layout, although they do have a list of all Apple, Microsoft, Lenovo, Razer, Alienware, HP, and Dell laptops where the device should nestle safely on top. The list is quite extensive, too, so you should be able to use this with plenty of laptop models. And yes, it’s designed to keep the Touch Bar on newer MacBooks accessible, so Apple users can still keep using their custom controls and displays while getting to type on a mechanical keyboard. It can also be paired with Android devices

The NuPhy NuType F1 has an enclosure cut in a mix of aluminum and hard plastic, so it should have a very light weight to go with the compact dimensions, all while being reasonably durable, too, ensuring it can withstand the rigors of everyday use.  It comes with full RGB backlighting for users that enjoy that added keyboard illumination (over 20 built-in light effects), while the integrated 1200mAh battery allows it to run for up to three months with the backlighting off.


According to the outfit, it can pair with up to three different devices over Bluetooth, with a single keystroke allowing you to switch from one device to another, so you can use it simultaneously with a Windows laptop, an Android tablet, and an Android phone. Other features include four indicator lights, a wired mode for tethered use via USB cable, and a USB-C connection.

A Kickstarter campaign is currently running for the NuPhy NuType F1. You can reserve a unit for pledges starting at $100.

• Boss Waza-Air: This Wireless Headphones Set Is A Standalone Digital Guitar Amp

Digital amps make for great practice amps, as you can set it to play at very low volumes, so you can work on your guitar playing without prompting the neighbors to file a noise complaint. Problem is, playing with the sound set really, really low is deeply dissatisfying, keeping you from truly enjoying all the sounds you’re producing. Yes, you can plug a pair of headphones into an amp, so you can crank up the volume as loud as you want, but the Boss Waza-Air offers a more compact alternative.

Instead of having to plug headphones into a guitar amp, these headphones are equipped with all the hardware necessary to serve as a dedicated amp, so you can practice your riffs, slides, and vibratos with nothing but a guitar and headphones in tow. That way, you can quietly work on your electric guitar skills whether you’re at home, in the park, or anywhere else.

The Boss Waza-Air is an erstwhile normal-looking set of wireless headphones, with an accompanying dongle that plugs into your electric guitar. Instead of containing sound drivers like normal headphones, though, it’s fitted with the same digital amp technology as the outfit’s Katana amplifiers, allowing it to pick up electrical signals from your guitar and turn it into amplified sounds the headphones can blast directly into your ears. Because it’s digital, it’s not restricted to a single sound, either, with the system giving you access to five different amp types (including one for bass and vocals), 50 customizable effects available from the companion app, and six memory slots rigInstead of having to plug headphones into a guitar amp, these headphones are equipped with all the hardware necessary to serve as a dedicated amp, so you can practice your riffs, slides, and vibratos with nothing but a guitar and headphones in tow. That way, you can quietly work on your electric guitar skills whether you’re at home, in the park, or anywhere on the headphones for your favorite settings.

A built-in gyro sensor allows it to track your head movement, while the outfit’s proprietary spatial technology automatically adjusts the tone and volume to simulate a sense of space and dynamic sound localization. Three spatial algorithm options are offered, namely Surround (simulates the feel of a recording studio), Static (simulates playing in a room), and Stage (simulates the sounds when playing onstage). That way, it doesn’t feel like you’re playing in a tiny bedroom with a pair of headphones, which, we guess, would make everything feel more immersive. It also has an onboard tuner with audible tone guides, so you can make adjustments right from the ear cup, although you’ll get more options using the visual chromatic tuner from the companion app.


The Boss Waza-Air is fitted with large 50mm drivers, so it can deliver some satisfying sound with plenty of volume, as well as a wide adjustable headband and conforming ear pads, so they’ll feel comfortable, regardless of your ear shape. A two-way design allows it to fold right down the middle for better portability, making it easy to take with you on the road. Both the headphones and the transmitted are battery-powered, by the way, with the headphones getting five hours of playback in one full charge and the transmitter holding up to 12 hours’ worth of juice.

The Boss Waza-Air is available now, priced at $400.

Razer Kraken Ultimate Headset Brings THX Audio For Better Directional Audio

If you’re playing competitive shooters, chances are, you rely on 3D audio to locate potential opponents.  Hearing the direction where footsteps, gunshots, and other sound cues are coming from can make the difference between finding an enemy’s position on time and dying from an unexpected headshot. For this reason, many gaming headsets come with 7.1 surround sound. If your 7.1-channel cans aren’t quite doing the trick, though, maybe you can try the Razer Kraken Ultimate Headset.

Instead of using the traditional 3D audio standard, the device employs THX Spatial Audio, which supposedly produces professionally-accurate sound in a 360-degree sphere, giving it more realistic depth compared to the standard 7.1-channel system. Truth be told, we’re not exactly sure what advantages the THX version of 7.1 channels bring along over its traditional counterpart, but they are making quite the big deal of it, so it’s hopefully really good.

The Razer Kraken Ultimate is an over-ear headset using custom-tuned 50mm drivers that, the outfit claims, produces superior sound clarity and depth, along with a punchy bass. For gamers, this supposedly translates to perfectly hearing the position of every footstep and gunshot sound in the game, resulting in a very distinct advantage during competitive situations. Is this guaranteed to work for you? Honestly, we don’t know. The combination of a game’s audio programming, a computer’s sound card, and a headphone’s tuning all contribute to the quality of sound you hear in-game, so there can be no guarantees, although it’s probably worth the try, especially if you’re struggling with sound in battle royales and similar shooters.

It pairs those drivers with a retractable unidirectional mic to pick up all your team comms, along with any slur, insult, or rage-induced tirade you want to direct at players who somehow keeps clowning on you in the game. Built-in active noise cancellation reduces all background and ambient noises, ensuring your voice is picked up loud and clear, without the humming of your PC’s fan, the sound of the TV in the background, or your little brother backseat driving the game behind you.

The Razer Kraken Ultimate uses oval cushions that are designed to cover your ears completely, each of which are infused with cooling for passive sound isolation, less heat buildup, and better gaming comfort through long hours of gameplay. Despite covering your whole ears, it will supposedly accommodate the temples on your glasses, so you won’t have to take off your eyewear whenever you put on the headset. Naturally, it comes with Razer’s 16.8-million color Chroma lighting system, which prompts the ear cups to illuminate with an underglow in sync with other Razer products.


Construction is bauxite aluminum for the frame and stainless steel for the headband, so the whole thing is light, flexible, and hardwearing enough to withstand multiple intense gaming sessions. Other features include an ear cup diameter of 65 x 60 mm, physical controls on the headset (volume and THX audio toggle), and a 6.5-foot USB cable.

The Razer Kraken Ultimate is available now.


8BitDo N30 Wireless Mouse Puts The NES Gamepad On A PC Peripheral

We all know what a mouse looks like and how to use it. No matter the kind of spin you put on it, a modern mouse always has two buttons and a scroll wheel between them. At least, that’s what we thought until the 8BitDo N30 Wireless Mouse came along.

That’s right, 8BitDo made a mouse. And it has no scroll wheel. Why? Because just like all of their other products, it has a retro gaming spin. In this case, the mouse is based on the original NES controller and we all know a scroll wheel is nowhere near the control set on that gamepad. Instead, they equipped the mouse with a 3D touch panel that looks nothing more than the rectangular black background on the old controller, so it can still retain the same forward and backward functions that the scroll wheel does without ruining the 80s retro-gaming aesthetic.

The 8BitDo N30 Wireless Mouse ditches the left and right clicker buttons with the familiar red action buttons of the classic NES gamepad, complete with the contrasting square background framing each button, so this stays very faithful to the classic controller. The indiscernible 3D touch panel sits between the two buttons, allowing you to perform the same scrolling action you do on a regular mouse, so it won’t change the way you work on the PC in any way whatsoever.

To further reinforce the NES aesthetic, the mouse has a D-pad on the left side, which you can control using your thumb. According to the product page, pressing  the UP button triggers a PageUp, the DOWN button triggers a PageDown, the LEFT triggers a forward action, and the RIGHT triggers a backward action. Hopefully, it’s programmable, so people can come up with some creative uses for a D-pad on their computers.

The 8BitDo N30 Wireless Mouse has a sensitivity of 1,000 DPI, so it should handle any computing task, short of hardcore gaming, very capably, while a 2.4G receiver allows you to use it wirelessly, so you can decrease the amount of cables making mess in your work desk. Do note, there appears to be no way to use this wired (there’s no USB slot), so this mouse is strictly for wireless use. Given the absence of a USB port, there’s also no built-in battery, although there’s a slot for a single AA battery, a fresh unit of which will last it up to 120 hours of use.  It measures 110 x 56 x 35 mm.


The mouse is compatible with Windows and MacOS out of the box, so most people should be able to use it with their home and work computers. There’s no word on how it works with various Linux flavors, although we imagine it should work pretty well with most of them just like any other mouse in the market. How well would it work as a controller for ROM games? We have no idea, but we have a feeling we’ll know soon enough as people start playing with this darn thing.

The 8BitDo N30 Wireless Mouse is available now, priced at $24.99.

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