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  •  Microsoft Surface Neo: Are Dual-Screen Devices The Future Of Windows On-The-Go Computing?

Are dual-screen devices the future of mobile computing? We don’t know. Just in case it is, Microsoft wants in on the docket early with the Microsoft Surface Neo.

Designed to fill the gaps in experiences between tablets and laptops, the device can function as a tablet, a laptop, or something else that’s entirely different. Whether that latter function turns out to be genuinely useful or just mere novelty is, most likely, what will define its success.

The Microsoft Surface Neo consists of two 9-inch tablets that are hinged together, making it look like one of those compact netbooks from back in the day whenever it is closed. Unlike those netbooks, it can be opened flat, at which point it gets you a spacious 13-inch tablet that can be used as either a single display or two separate ones. It can also be opened like a laptop, with one screen propped up and the other laying down flat, at which point, you can use the slim Bluetooth keyboard that’s designed to lay on top of the lower display to turn it into a laptop device. That keyboard, which takes up around two-thirds of the screen, can be situated at the top section of the display or on the lower end. In the latter configuration, the exposed display above it becomes a miniature second screen (like Apple’s Touch Bar) for gesture writing, shortcuts, and a host of other functionalities.

Similar to convertible notebooks, the device can also be folded with both screens exposed, which allows you to keep working on one display while another person checks something else on the other. You can also open it like a notebook, with both screens in portrait orientation, whether for reading ebooks, taking notes, or whatever other use-cases people can come up with in the future.

The Microsoft Surface Neo, of course, doesn’t run a regular Windows build. Instead, it’s running on Windows 10X, a new build that, the outfit claims, has been optimized to run for dual-screen devices like this one. So far, Microsoft hasn’t really revealed the exact functions they’ve baked into the modified OS, but we’re hoping they turn up some killer applications in there, since, let’s be honest, this dual-screen design definitely seems interesting and a whole lot more feasible with the slim tablets we have now, compared to just a few years back.


According to Microsoft, Windows 10X is intentionally designed to look and feel the same way as the current generation of Windows. That means, current Windows users should be familiar enough with it that there’s no learning curve whatsoever. It will also run traditional win32 desktop apps, so all the legacy software you continue to use will stay functional on this machine. Aside from Microsoft, other companies like Dell, HP, Lenovo, and Asus are also making their own dual-screen devices to take advantage of Windows 10X. Obviously, third-party developer support will be crucial here, so hopefully some folks out there can figure out some killer apps for this thing.

The Microsoft Surface Neo is scheduled for release in the fall of 2020.


Amazon’s Cheap And Tiny Echo Flex Lets You Put Alexa In Every Corner Of Your Home

We weren’t sure how well people will take to it when it first came out, but the Amazon Echo has become a staple addition to many people’s homes. Simply put, what started as a seemingly strange experiment from Amazon is now everywhere. The Amazon Echo Flex wants to make it even more ubiquitous by allowing you to put Alexa in every inch of your home.

A smaller and cheaper version of Amazon’s intelligent speaker, it ditches the tabletop form factor for something that plugs straight into the wall outlet. That’s right, it’s an intelligent speaker that just sticks out of the wall outlet, allowing you to fill the house with these things, provided there’s an available outlet in the room. That way, you can beckon Alexa anywhere you are at home, allowing you to book a flight, control your smart home, and get information at absolutely any time.

The Amazon Echo Flex is a small box measuring 2.6 x 2.8 x 2 inches (width x height x depth) that contains a built-in plug, allowing it to insert directly into a wall outlet, as well as Bluetooth and Wi-Fi for wirelessly connecting to other devices. This small size, along with the affordable cost, makes it a viable option to install one in every room, from kitchens and garages to hallways and basements, so you can have Alexa give you a rundown of today’s headlines while you’re chopping up leeks, sorting laundry, or pooping in the crapper.

Like other Echo speakers, it comes fitted with mic and a speaker, giving it the ability to pick up voice commands and provide vocal responses. In this case, however, it’s equipped with a very tiny speaker driver measuring just 0.6 inches, making it sound a whole paltrier than most home speakers. While that makes it a bad option for listening to music, it should be loud and clear enough to listen to Alexa’s voice.

The Amazon Echo Flex has comes with two physical buttons: one that switches the mic on and off, so you can enjoy conversations without a running mic in the room, and one that lets you use it like an intercom, so you can have your voice ringing through the whole house like the true lord of your domain. A USB slot at the bottom of the device adds a USB charging slot to the wall outlet, giving you place to charge phones and other USB devices, while a 3.5mm slot lets you plug in a better speaker, in case you want to listen to music in the room. Aside from charging devices, by the way, the USB slot can also be used to install third-party devices, such as nightlights, motion detectors, and whatever other things you need.


Of course, the best part of this device is that it’s an Echo speaker. That means, it’s equipped with all the functions that make Amazon’s intelligent speakers such a useful tool, from its core set of capabilities to the tens of thousands of skills available in its library.

The Amazon Echo Flex is available now.

Cooler Master’s MM710 Gaming Mouse Sheds So Much Weight By Getting Holes All Over Its Body

How do you make a gaming mouse so much lighter than it normally would weigh? Cut some holes into its shell. At least, that’s the solution they decided on with the Cooler Master MM710, a gaming mouse with dozens upon dozens of large perforations all throughout its body.

That’s right, instead of using fancy materials and even more lightweight components, they decided to just put multiple cutouts on the mouse itself. And it works, turning out a peripheral that, the outfit claims, is its first “ultralight gaming mouse.”

The Cooler Master MM710 has a body riddled with honeycomb perforations, allowing the outfit to equip it with the necessary hardware to make it suitable for gaming, while managing to keep the weight at under 53 grams. Why the obsession to shed so much weight? The outfit claims this will enable gamers to play for longer without fatigue, although we have a feeling the Red Bull and all the other caffeine drinks can take care of that all on its own. According to Cooler Master, the shell is engineered not just to be lightweight, but to be “supremely durable,” too, so those perforations won’t leave your mouse more susceptible to damage.

They weren’t stingy on the perforations, either, as nearly all areas of the mouse that aren’t likely to make full contact with the tip of any finger gets riddled with holes. That means, you’re not likely to accidentally get a finger stuck in any of the holes –unless, of course, you panic in-game and start slamming your mouse on the desk. If you’re the type of gamer that regularly get sweaty palms, they made sure you can still use the mouse, as is circuit board is both dust- and splash-proof, so you can sweat as much as you want without damaging the electronics. Heck, you can probably spill your Red Bull in there with no issues.

The Cooler Master MM710 is a standard gaming mouse, with Omron switches for the two click buttons, each of which are rated for 20 million presses. They added two thumb buttons on the left sides, so this is optimized mostly for right-handed users. It uses an optical sensor with 16,000 maximum DPI, along with seven programmable DPI settings that you can cycle through using the small button lined up along with the scroll wheel (settings can be adjusted using the Portal app). Other notable details include a polling rate of 1,000 Hz and a tracking speed of 400 IPS.


They pair the mouse with a similarly lightweight “ultraweave” cable that minimizes “cable pull” while you’re swiping, so you can spend that time focusing on the game instead of having to play tug-of-war with your gaming peripheral. It uses a PTFE material for the mouse feet, by the way, which should exhibit low friction to enable smooth control and give your mouse a consistent glide, complete with an extra set of mouse feet, so you can easily replace them when they do give out.

The Cooler Master MM710 is available now.

• HP’s 43-Inch Ultra-Wide Curved Monitor Lets You Show Two Machines Side-By-Side And Transfer Files Between Them

We know, you’ve already seen half a dozen ultra-wide curved panels by this time. Yes, they’re fascinating. Yes, you’d like one on your desk, too. And yes, they can change the way you get things done in pretty significant ways. The HP S430C Ultra-Wide Curved Monitor, however, brings a unique capability that may just make it the perfect addition to your workstation setup.

While most every ultra-wide panel allows you to hook up the display from two machines and show them side-by-side, the new monitor allows you to directly copy files from one to the other. No need to transfer files to an external drive, use FTP, or use the network file system – this thing allows you to share files between machines as if they were working as one.

The HP S430C Ultra-Wide Curved Monitor allows you to copy those files using simple drag-and-drop actions, similar to what you normally do when copying files between drives, partitions, and folders on your computer. Do note, it requires both machines to be running the HP DeviceBridge software, which is the one actually facilitating the transfer over USB-C. That means, both displays are required to connect to the monitor via a USB-C connection, as the solution won’t work if you connect using any of the other available video ports (it has both HDMI and DisplayPort). By the way, the screen only allows you to divide the screen equally in half, with no options for custom sizing.

The file transfer function can work on any Windows, macOS, and Linux computer, so you should be able to easily transfer files between any computers you have at work or at home. It can even transfer files from Android devices (no support for iOS, though), making it easy to move files from your phone to any computer, although there’s no support for moving files to those same Android devices (yep, file copy is only one way for the platform).

The HP S430C Ultra-Wide Curved Monitor is a 43.4-inch display panel with a 32:10 aspect ratio, which you can use either as a single monitor or as a dual-monitor system. It supports a maximum single-display resolution of 3840 x 1200, allowing you to easily edit spreadsheets with plenty of columns, lay out wide panoramic images, and work on other wide project canvases. There’s a built-in pop-up webcam with IR to spare you from having to add a webcam to your setup, as well as an embedded dual-mic for your videoconferencing needs. Granted, you’ll still need to add a speaker to the setup to complete the whole thing, but that should be easy enough.


Other display features include 350 nits of brightness, 99 percent sRGB color accuracy, 178 degrees viewing angle (both vertical and horizontal), and four USB ports for adding accessories. With the included stand, the monitor can be tilt- and height-adjusted to get the perfect viewing angle, with a 100mm VESA pattern allowing for multiple mounting options.

Scheduled to come out October 7th, the HP S430C Ultra-Wide Curved Monitor is priced at $599.

Blue Yeti X USB Mic Lets You Control All The Settings From A Single Knob


We’re big fans of Blue’s microphones, which have long been championed by streamers and podcasters for their great balance of sound quality and ease-of-use. Suffice to say, any amateur can get these mics running with very little work. The outfit’s latest, the Blue Yeti X, doubles down even further on the plug-and-play ease by bundling controls for multiple settings on a single knob.

That’s right, the single knob in front of the device allows you to switch control between gain, blend modes, and headphone levels, so you can adjust mic sensitivity, change the ratio between computer and mic audio, and adjust headphone volume directly from the same single dial. You can even mute the mic and control voice metering all from that same control, allowing you to perform many of the real-time functions you need to do on the mic from one convenient spot.

The Blue Yeti X sports an all-new four-capsule condenser array that, the outfit claims, facilitates clearer and more focused pickup patterns. Designed for versatile function, the mic can pick up sound in cardioid pattern for streaming and recording, omni for conference calls, bi-directional for podcasts and interviews, and stereo for more immersive sounds. By “immersive sounds,” by the way, they mean that the stereo pattern is intended for ASMR audio, so you can use it to record yourself eating crunchy food and making breathing noises, if that’s what floats your boat.

A nine-segment LED meter allows you to check your voice level with nothing more than a quick glance, allowing you to easily see if your voice set too loud or too soft, as well as make real-time adjustments on the fly. That way, you can always keep the audio coming off the mic at an ideal level, making it easier to keep your streams, podcasts, and recordings sounding a whole lot more professional.

The Blue Yeti X comes bundled with the outfit’s Blue VO!CE audio software, a suite of broadcast-grade vocal effects that make it easier to produce professional sound quality when using the microphone. From crisp and modern to warm and vintage to that classic radio voice, the device can make the necessary adjustments to make your voice sound exactly what you want. Play around with the settings and you might even be able to create your own signature sound. Available effects in the software include a de-popper, noise reduction, expander, gate, de-esser, EQ, compression and limiter, as well as setting presets from popular pro streamers, in case you want to do the minimum amount of fiddling.


As with the outfit’s other products, the USB mic is designed for plug-and-play use out of the box with both Macs and PCs. It can also integrate with Logitech’s G Hub software, where you can control the various mic settings from an onscreen interface, allowing you to alter everything, from the mic gain and pickup pattern to the color of the mic’s LED light to match your studio’s aesthetic.

The Blue Yeti X is priced at $169.99.


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