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  • SkullCandy Push Ultra Puts Tile’s Bluetooth Tracking Tech Inside Its True Wireless Earbuds

True wireless earbuds are great, allowing you to listen to music completely unbothered by any kind of cables. Problem is, they’re also easy to misplace and lose – a direct result of the small size, separate earpieces, and lack of any dangling wires. The SkullCandy Push Ultra solves that by integrating Tile’s Bluetooth tracking technology into the earbuds.

Now, the current crop of true wireless earbuds aren’t exactly helpless when it comes to helping users find them. In fact, it’s a common concern, so many existing products in the category can be triggered to make a sound whenever you need to locate them. As useful as that may be, the integration of Tile’s proven locating tech is definitely a step up.

The SkullCandy Push Ultra’s two earbuds each have Tile tech inside. That means, you should be able to find both of them even if you leave on in the gym bench and the other one in the locker using the Tile app, which can help you find the earbuds by prompting it to make a sound and showing its last detected location on a map. If the earbuds are away from Bluetooth range and can’t be found, you can also mark them as “lost,” which prompts the app to send you an immediate alert as soon as it detects it to be within range. You get full access to Tile’s crowdsourced location, too, which uses other Tile trackers to check if your earbuds are in their vicinity. With all these options for finding lost earbuds, you minimize the chances of actually losing them compared to other true wireless options in the market.

The earbuds themselves, by the way, use moldable ear hooks to secure it to your ears, so it stays on, regardless of the activity you’re engaged in. It also doesn’t sit tightly flush in your ear canals, instead providing a “stay-aware” fit to ensure you still hear ambient sounds even when you’ve cranked the volume up to lose-yourself-in-the-music levels.

The SkullCandy Push Ultra are fitted with drivers that, the outfit claims, are custom-tuned to deliver music “that you can feel… from the lyrics in your soul to the bass in your bones.” Yeah, we don’t know how that sounds, either, but we guess it’s the kind of sound that will make you shake your boom-boom. Or something. The earbuds are IP67-rated for sweat and water, so you can drench these while you exercise without any problems, complete with a ruggedized build for both the buds and the charging case, so you don’t have to be so dainty when handling them.

Both earbuds have playback controls integrated, so you can use either hand to adjust volume, skip a track, or turn everything off. The onboard batteries are rated for up to six hours of playback, with another 34 hours’ worth of charge on the case, so you can go a couple days without having to plug in to an outlet.

The SkullCandy Push Ultra is available now, priced at $99.99.


Sony ZV-1 Camera Puts Everything Vloggers Need In A Compact Point-And-Shoot

Who the heck still buys point-and-shoots in 2020? Vloggers, apparently. They’re small, easy to carry, and a whole lot more capable than a smartphone, making them an attractive option for self-shooting documentarists who can’t stomach the hassle of lugging a larger camera. The Sony ZV-1 has been tailored for that niche of content creators.

No, this isn’t something Sony built for the ground up. Instead, it appears to be a modified version of the RX100 series (specifically, the latest RX100 VII), Sony’s premium point-and-shoot line, with elements added in to address the needs of vloggers specifically.

The Sony ZV-1 has a one-inch 20.1 megapixel Exmor RS sensor and a Zeiss 24-70mm zoom lens, a combo that, the outfit claims, will deliver images with professional-looking background bokeh and impressive detail in any light condition. That’s the same sensor found on the RX100 VII, so it also shoots 4K HDR footage at 30fps, allowing you to shoot in a resolution designed for modern 4K TVs. The lens, though, is different, with the camera providing a wider f/1.8 aperture that’s ideal for shooting up close (like vloggers do), without taking away the ability to clearly magnify subjects when needed (it still has 2.7x zoom).

It retains the mic jack from the last RX100, so you can plug in a good mic to ensure you capture good sound along with your footage (if the built-in three-mic array isn’t good enough for you), as well as a joint optical and electronic stabilization to let you capture smooth images without the aid of a separate grip. The 3-inch display on the back can be rotated up to 270 degrees, allowing you to use it as a real-time monitor to watch what’s in the frame, regardless of your shooting angles.

The Sony ZV-1 has the outfit’s Fast Hybrid autofocus system that can fix its frame on your subject of choice without fail by just tapping on the touchscreen, all while being able to quickly switch from face to background and vice versa when you want to add stylistic elements to your footage. There’s even a “background defocus” setting that automatically sets it up for maximum background bokeh with just one tap. An automatic exposure system adjusts light settings on the fly to make faces look well-lit when moving between indoors and outdoors settings (something vloggers commonly do), while a “Product Showcase” setting automatically adjusts various camera options, so it makes fast and precise focus transitions between you and any product you’re showing off (because, you know, vloggers live, pretty much, by pimping sponsors).


Other features include a neutral density filter for better shooting in bright sunlight, a wind screen to keep the elements from interfering with the sound, a large grip on the side for stable handling, Sony’s proprietary MI shoe for accessories, 960 fps slo-mo, and full timelapse support (with the help of the outfit’s Imaging Edge PC software). This being the social media age, of course, it supports vertical video, too, complete with the ability to send footage to your smartphone at any time.

The Sony ZV-1 is available now, priced at $799.99.


RepliTronics M90 Mini Recreates The Classic M90 Boombox In A Contemporary Bluetooth Speaker

Any time you watch youth-oriented movies from the 80s, it’s hard not to notice those giant boomboxes they carry around. There’s just something eye-catching about those hand-carried contraptions that combine a speaker, cassette player, and radio receiver in a large-yet-designed-to-be-portable rig. And the JVC RC-M90 is widely acknowledged the king of the category, having been highly-sought by many collectors in the decades since. The RepliTronics M90 Mini brings the aesthetics of that classic boombox into a contemporary speaker.

That’s right, they’re making modern speakers that look like the JVC M90 boombox, so you can play your favorite mumple rap ditty on a speaker that looks like the same one that cranked out classic jams from Michael Jackson, Cyndi Lauper, and… um… Rick Astley from back in the day. No, it won’t actually play cassette tapes like the original boombox did, but we imagine this will ramp up the flooding of nostalgia while you stream your favorite 80s playlists from Spotify and Apple Music all the same.

The RepliTronics M90 Mini is an accurately reproduced replica of the JVC boombox, albeit without the cassette deck and at 40 percent of the original’s size. That smaller size makes it a whole lot easier to bring anywhere you go, so you can enjoy your retro-style speaker, whether you’re having a cookout in the backyard or partying in the beach in defiance of the city lockdown orders. Yes, you’re such a rebel. It reproduces the original not just in likeness, by the way, but in function, too, with the analog dials for bass, treble, and balance that let you customize the sound on the fly, along with onboard controls for playback, power, volume, and more.

As with any modern speaker, it can stream music via Bluetooth 5.1, so you can blast music from your own library and any streaming service in a straightforward manner, complete with a 3.5mm input, so you can plug in wired audio sources like that iPod you’ve somehow held onto for the last five years. To help make the recreation feel a little more faithful, they even threw in an AM/FM radio tuner, complete with a tuning module and dual telescoping antennas just like the original boombox.


The RepliTronics M90 Mini is a stereo speaker with two 2.5-inch drivers that, the outfit claims, can deliver a respectable 16 watts of power on the go. An integrated 10,000mAh battery provides the necessary juice to keep the music playing for over 60 hours between charges, allowing you to enjoy your favorite music on a retro-looking speaker for days on end. A compartment in the back serves as a place to hide your USB-C charging cable, similar to how some older boomboxes let you stash their cords in the back, while a USB-A slot in the back allows you to play music from a USB stick or charge your mobile phone from the onboard battery.

A Kickstarter campaign is currently running for the RepliTronics M90 Mini. You can reserve yourself a unit for pledges starting at $55.

• Lume Cube Panel Mini Lights Up Your Selfies While Measuring Smaller Than A Deck Of Cards

If you obsessively post footage of your life on social media, chances are, you spend a good amount of time looking for well-lit spots to actually take your shots. Someone blabbing for five minutes in front of a camera with terrible lighting isn’t the most interesting thing to look at, after all. You need a proper lighting setup to illuminate you any time you feel like sharing your thoughts to the world. The Lume Cube Panel Mini offers one of the most convenient ways to do it.

Designed for vloggers and other content creators, it’s a portable lighting solution that’s smaller and thinner than a standard deck of cards at 3.5 x 2.1 x 0.45 inches (width x height x thickness), all while delivering enough brightness to make sure you’re clearly visible in every photo and video that you shoot. That means, you can finally put an end to grainy low-light footage, ensuring not a single frame you shoot during a night out goes to waste without having to carry one of those large, bulky and heavy lighting rigs along.

The Lume Cube Panel Mini comes with 60 bicolor LEDs with a maximum 550 lux of brightness at a half meter distance. That should enough to keep you well illuminated even in the darkest settings, especially since the LEDs are likely to be no more than a couple of feet away whenever you’re shooting. The brightness is adjustable, by the way, from 1 percent to 100 percent in 5 percent increments, allowing you to have just the right amount of illumination you need to set the scene exactly the way you want it. They also included a diffuser box that can be placed on top of the light to make it softer.

Want to play around with the color temperature of your light to create subtle effects to change up the mood? This lets you do that, too, as the temperature is adjustable anywhere from 3200 kelvins (warm orange light) to 5500 kelvins (cool white light), allowing you to match the light to whatever scene you’re looking to create. Even better, all adjustments can be made from an integrated dial and button, so there’s no need to fiddle with a phone app just to change up the settings.

The Lume Cube Panel Mini has a small LCD in the back that displays brightness, color temperature, and battery charge, allowing you to see the current status of the device at any time. It has standard tripod heads on three of the four sides of the device, allowing you to mount it on a tripod in either landscape or portrait orientation, while an included metal shoe mount lets you attach it directly to any mirrorless camera or DSLR you’re using.

The onboard battery holds enough charge to keep it running in full brightness for 80 minutes, all while stretching to 14 hours on one percent brightness setting. And yes, it can be charged using a standard power bank, so you can juice the thing up multiple times when you’re on the road.

The Lume Cube Panel Mini is available now, priced at $59.95.


Popcorn Pocket PC Gives You A Handheld Linux PC, So You Can Write Code On The Go

While people have tried to make pocket-sized computers running desktop operating systems since before the 2000s, it never quite became a thing, with smartphones eventually taking over the category. As good as our smartphones have gotten, though, it’s an itch that never went away for some folks. Yes, people still continue to try and put desktop systems into pocket-sized machines. The Popcorn Pocket PC is a new effort on that front.

Why put a desktop computer in a pocket-sized form factor when it’s incredibly cumbersome to use? We’re not entirely not sure, but wouldn’t you want the option to have a desktop computer in your pocket that you can pull out at any point if it was, at all, possible? Strangely enough, we actually would.

The Popcorn Pocket PC is a handheld Linux computer with a landscape-oriented 4.95-inch display on top and a tenkeyless QWERTY keyboard below it. The display comes with 1080p resolution, so working on it should feel like working on any desktop or laptop computer, albeit with much smaller text, complete with touchscreen support, so you should be able to use this in a functional manner without needing to pull out a mouse. It comes with a desktop-style 59-button keyboard, by the way, complete with function buttons, so you should be able to type and call shortcuts much like you do on a regular PC. Of course, the keyboard is backlit, so you should be able to use it even in low-light situations.

It’s powered by a 1.2GHz quad-core ARM Cortex-A53 system-on-a-chip, with 2GB of DDR3 RAM and 32GB of onboard storage. There’s no SD card slot, although you can replace the 32GB default microSD card with up to 256GB by accessing the internal microSD connector (it’s supposedly easy enough to replace).



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