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  • Goal Zero Yeti 500X Puts An Appliance-Powering Battery Inside A Highly-Compact Frame

From what we’ve heard, the current pandemic hasn’t affected power supply for most parts of the world. Basically, you won’t have to worry about the lights going out anytime soon. Still, if this current situation taught us anything, it’s that it never hurts to be prepared for the unlikely.  The Goal Zero Yeti 500X makes sure you’re ready if those power outages ever come.

The newest addition to the outfit’s line of power hubs, the device lets you power small-to-medium appliances, allowing you to keep your home’s basic amenities going in the event of a power outage. Even better, the darn thing is sized for portability, allowing you to hide out in the backcountry for some extreme social distancing while enjoying a few simple creature comforts.

The Goal Zero Yeti 500X is the successor to the outfit’s Yeti 400, delivering 20 percent more power while coming in an enclosure that’s 20 percent smaller, measuring in at just 7.5 x 11.25 x 5.8 inches (depth x width x height). That’s right, it’s more compact than ever before, making it the perfect thing to keep in the closet for those emergency situations, all while being incredibly easy to transport even in a backpack. It has a 505Wh battery that you can charge from a wall outlet, a car’s 12-volt outlet, or a compatible solar panel, giving you plenty of options for juicing the battery, regardless of whether you’re quarantining in your cramped apartment, car camping by the lake, or just soaking the sun in the backyard because everything is closed in your town. Charging times, by the way, will vary on the input, with a standard wall outlet (60W) filling it up in 8.5 hours and a 120W car charger getting the job done in 4.5 hours.

According to the outfit, a full charge of the battery is enough to power a TV for up to three hours, while powering the control panels, thermometers, augers, and fans of a pellet grill for up to nine hours. It can also recharge most laptops eight times, most tablets 10 times, and most phones 40 times over, so this little thing can do a whole lot to keep you comfortable and connected when you have no access to the grid.


The Goal Zero Yeti 500X has four different charging ports: an AC outlet, a 12V outlet, a 60W outlet (similar to a wall outlet), and a USB-C slot. That means, you can use this to power any consumer electronic or appliance, allowing you to not just keep your electronic devices charged, but also use TVs, portable fridges, and ovens without a running wall outlet in sight. Of course, it’s best to pair it with a decent solar panel, so you have recharging options for those times the power outage lasts a little longer than you would like. When charging via solar panels, by the way, it uses an MPPT charge controller to optimize the power input, ensuring you get the most efficient solar charge available at all times.

Want one? The Goal Zero Yeti 500X is available now.



Fitbit Charge 4 Adds A GPS To The Touchscreen Fitness Tracker

If you’ve upgraded from a Fitbit, chances are, you moved on to either a smartwatch or an activity tracker with an integrated GPS. That’s the one thing missing from the outfit’s fitness bands, after all. Fortunately, that changes with the Fitbit Charge 4, the latest iteration of the popular touchscreen-equipped fitness tracker.

Equipped with a built-in GPS, the new wearable allows you to map your entire run paths without having to bring your smartphone along, so you can have complete information about your workouts while carrying one less device. Granted, that GPS won’t be that useful right now when everyone’s staying at home as much as possible, but it’s definitely one of the new features you’ll end up using extensively as soon as this Black Swan moment in the world’s history has passed.

The Fitbit Charge 4 retains all the sensors found in its predecessor, including the three-axis accelerometer, the optical heart rate monitor, and altimeter, making it a complete activity tracker with the addition of the onboard GPS. It can show your pace and distance in real time, as well as let you know when you’ve reached your target heart rates, so you’re well aware if you’re hitting your goals and how much further you have to go at any point during the run. It does this while recording your complete route, too, which you can review later once you sync with the companion app.

All the information, by the way, is shown on a small strip of OLED touchscreen, which also serves as a convenient way to interact with the device. That means, you can make target adjustments, fiddle with settings, and customize your fitness tracking on the fly, making it useful for those who prefer adjusting their workouts and milestones as they go along.

The Fitbit Charge 4 comes with over 20 exercise modes, including running, cycling, swimming, and yoga, complete with the ability to set the mode automatically, depending on what movements it detects you performing. Other features include sleep tracking, personalized reminders (for activity, hydration, and sleep), smartphone notifications (complete with quick reply options), Spotify control, and NFC payments, all available directly from the device. After workouts, you can check much more than your running route on the companion app, as it also keeps detailed information on workout intensity, heart rates, cardio fitness, all-day activity, and sleep.


It comes with an onboard battery rated at up to seven days of use, although that goes down to a measly five hours if you keep the GPS running continuously. So yeah, you will likely have to charge this on most days that you work out, since, we imagine, you’ll want to keep route information every time you go out on a run. It requires plugging in for two hours to fully charge. According to Fitbit, it can store up to seven days of motion and heart rate data, along with daily totals for up to 30 days, so you can wait a couple of days to sync with your phone with no problem whatsoever. It’s water resistant up to 50 meters.

Slated to ship next month, the Fitbit Charge 4 is priced at $149.95.


Keyboardio Atreus Brings Full-Size Keys In The Most Compact Desktop Keyboard We’ve Seen

Compact keyboards are great – they let you type comfortably while taking just a fraction of the space of full-sized models. But what if those compact keyboards are still too big for the tiny desk you use when working at home? The Keyboardio Atreus just might be the best peripheral for the job.

A keyboard measuring just 9.6 inches wide, the peripheral allows you to do all your typing in a very narrow space, so you can occupy the rest of your desk with other accessories, like drawing tablets, giant mousepads, and whatever else you use as part of your everyday tasks. Whether you want a small keyboard to maximize your mousepad for gaming, own a tiny desk that can’t fit a regular keyboard-and-mouse combo comfortably, or simply embrace minimalism in every aspect of your life, this thing should make an attractive addition to your workspace.

The Keyboardio Atreus is a unique split-style QWERTY keyboard equipped with a custom layout that aligns the keys 10 degrees inward, arranging them in columns corresponding to each of your fingers. That means, ten columns for each of your ten fingers, which should make touch-typing potentially even faster. Even better, the keys are positioned such that you never need to stretch or twist to reach any of them, regardless of your hand size, as they’re purposely laid out in a manner that matches how a human hand naturally works, making typing a breeze. They use regular-sized keys that match those found on your full-size keyboard, too, so they’re just as easy to hit with every strike.

You know how a regular full-size keyboard has 104 keys? This one has just 44. We know, that sounds like an awfully small amount. That’s because the default layout just gives you the letters, most common punctuations, and most common functions. To type numerals, use arrow keys, and access other symbols, you need to engage the Function button, while the Upper button lets you access the Function keys (F1 to F12) and media controls.

The Keyboardio Atreus uses easily removable keycaps and hot-swappable switches, making it possible to easily customize the keyboard exactly to your liking. In fact, they even provide a graphical configuration software called Chrysalis, where you can remap the keyboard layout to your preferred setup.  To change layouts, simply swap the keycaps, update the software, and you’re set. Users, by the way, can opt for one of three available switches, namely Kailh BOX White, Kailh Speed Copper, and Kailh BOX Red. To the unfamiliar, the BOX White is a clicky switch with a tactile bump at 1.8mm, while the Speed Copper provides a tactile bump at 1.1mm, so you get the feedback immediately upon striking. The BOX Red, on the other hand, removes both the click and the bump, while actuating at 1.8mm. All three switches have an actuation force of 50g.


Will using this be confusing? At first, probably. The fact that you’ll have to get acquainted with accessing numerals, punctuations, and symbols by using a modifier does impose some amount of learning curve. Once you get the hang of it, though, we imagine it will feel just the same as other keyboards you’ve used through the years.

A Kickstarter campaign is currently running for the Keyboardio Atreus. You can reserve a unit for pledges starting at $99.

Brydge Pro+ Turns Your iPad Pro Into A Macbook

One of the big pieces of the new iPad Pro announcement is the tablet’s impending trackpad support, which makes the case for upgrading to Apple’s new Magic Keyboard with a trackpad in tow. In case you were hoping for something a bit less pricey than Apple’s own peripheral, you might want to check out the Brydge Pro+.

Just like the new Magic Keyboard, it’s a wireless keyboard with an integrated trackpad, allowing you to use the new iPad Pro without having to touch the screen. You know, just like when you work on a laptop. Unlike it, the darn thing costs, at least, $100 less, potentially making it just that much more attractive to price-conscious buyers. We know, “Apple users” and “price-conscious” aren’t phrases you typically put together … but, hey, you never know.

The Brydge Pro+ is a keyboard and trackpad combo on a machined aluminum housing that liberally borrows from Apple’s design language, capably matching elements you’d normally find on a typical MacBook. Seriously, this thing looks like a MacBook with an iPad Pro for a screen. Instead of using the Magic keyboard’s floating cantilevered design, which raises the iPad slightly off the surface, it goes for a standard adjustable hinge, making it appeal to those who prefer a traditional laptop feel for their pseudo-MacBook iPad Pro setup. When docked on the keyboard, the iPad Pro can be moved anywhere from 0 degrees to 180 degrees, so you can close it down completely like the lid on a laptop, set the tablet flat on the table, and anywhere in between, so you should be able to position it at any viewing angle you desire.

It doesn’t use a full-size keyboard, so there’s no dedicated number pad on the right side, although it does have three levels of backlighting, so you can work comfortably in various ambient lighting settings. From what we can tell, the keys look generously-sized, with a decent amount of travel, so you typing here should be as functional as on any iPad keyboard accessory.

The Brydge Pro+ has an oversized trackpad right below the keyboard to take advantage of the new trackpad support in iPadOS 13.4, stepping up the laptop-like appearance once the iPad Pro is docked on the integrated hinges. The trackpad, naturally, supports all the fluid gestures available on the iPad Pro, from launching individual apps and clicking on specific controls using swipe-and-tap actions to quick-launching various features and jumping straight back to the homescreen using predefined tapping gestures.

As with the Magic Keyboard, it connects to the tablet via Bluetooth, so you won’t need to mess with wires in order to use the peripheral with your iPad Pro. It has an onboard battery rated at 20 hours of continuous use with the backlight turned on at the highest setting, although you can stretch that battery life much longer (in the neighborhood of 700 hours, apparently) if you turn off the backlight completely. Sadly, it doesn’t support pass-through charging like the new Magic Keyboard.

The Brydge Pro+ is available in two sizes: one for the 11-inch iPad Pro and one for the 12.9-inch model. Price is $199.99 and $229.99, respectively.


Lever Gear CableKit Is The EDC Charging Kit You Never Knew You Needed

It’s easy enough to bring charging cables anywhere you go. The problem is keeping them tidy. Cables are just naturally a mess, requiring you to be vigilant in tidying up every time you use them. The Lever Gear CableKit offers a simpler way to bring charging cables along.

Designed to simplify your charging rig, it bundles multiple charging tools in a single enclosure that you can clip to your pocket, drop in your wallet, or hook onto your keychain. That way, you’ll never be caught without charging cables whenever you need them, all without having to deal with the mess of having to roll a length of cable into a neat bundle.

The Lever Gear CableKit consists of a carrying case with designated slots for a short flat cable with a Lightning connector on one end and a regular USB plug on the other, a Lightning-to-USB-C adapter, and a SIM card eject tool, all of which are included in the kit. The case also includes a slot for carrying two SIM cards or microSD cards, so you can use this for a whole lot of your mobile computing gear, as well as a key ring loop for hooking it up with all your keys and a pocket clip for mounting it to the edge of your pants or shirt pocket.

According to the outfit, the case will provide the necessary protection to keep the cable and adapter undamaged through the rigors of everyday use, ensuring you can keep using this for a long period of time

The main charging cable has a unibody TPE construction, so there’s no junction between the cable and connector, minimizing the likelihood of breaking or ripping the cable ends that occasionally happens with regular USB cables. With a Lightning connector and a USB-A on either end, this should handle all the charging for your older Apple devices, while the USB-C adapter, which connects to the Lightning tip, handles all newer Apple products. That same USB-C adapter, by the way, can also work with any modern smartphone or tablet that uses USB-C, so this can handle much more than Apple devices.

The Lever Gear CableKit’s included cable and adapter, by the way, support both charging and data, so you can use it to charge your phone and transfer files with equal ease. It uses 26AWG wires that deliver 10A of current, too, so this should charge as fast as any cable you’re currently using. The included metal eject tool, which has its own slot on the case, should make it a whole lot easier to change SIM cards and hard reset your gadgets, apart from saving you from the hassle of having to find toothpicks and safety pins whenever your phone’s SIM card is acting up. Plus, that slot for two small cards should make it simpler to carry microSD cards or backup SIM cards whenever you’re traveling.

The Lever Gear CableKit is available now. If you’re not an iPhone user, there’s also a version that replaces the Lightning connector with a microUSB tip.


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