how to start a business with no money?
This question will no longer be asked by aspiring tech entrepreneurs

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how to start a business with no money?

This question will no longer be asked by aspiring tech entrepreneurs

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Other successful online businesses did not have the perfect beginning, though their offered technical solution was much more needed on the market. We will have just three examples of these businesses to show how the starting phase of business is the most difficult part where.

There are a lot of unnecessary technical and financial hurdles preventing the entrepreneur from pursuing his entrepreneurial journey, especially in the starting phase, as long as there no perfect technical solution service, the following question will not disappear : how to start a business with no money? Or start a business loan.

Our list includes three businesses, The two popular crowdfunding sites, Indiegogo and Kickstarter. As for the third business, it is the online teaching platform Udemy.

Beginning our story with kickstarter, its founder Perry Cheng has come with the idea in 2001, but could not execute it nor has found a way to make it known to the public, for gaining any kind of support. I was only in 2005, when he thought of materialising his vision by creating and launching a crowd funding or und raising platform for supporting creative artists.

After 4 years of his decision to create the website, he has managed with his two co founders to launch the website in April 2009. Having spent 8 years, since the conception of the startup business idea, till the building of the solution.

For more information about the story of Kickstarter, you may check this link.

Moving on to the second Crowdfunding site, Indiegogo, No one would believe that this web site, that has contributed in launching successful tech businesses, its Founder Danae Ringlemann was rejected funding more than 90 times. Since the conception of the startup business idea in 2006, she has launched the website in 2008, after meeting with friends co-founders.

Ii was almost four years, that the crowdfunding website business has received its share of funding from venture capital funding, in late 2011. For more information about this story, you can check the article on, telling all the details about the story of the co founder of Indiegogo.


Finishing our list with the third successful online teaching company Udemy, Who could believe that this successful online teaching company, their three founders have been rejected funding from more than 100 investors.
For those interested in exploring all the story, you can check these two articles below.

The problem in the funding of software tech startups, is that the founders have not access to a platform where they would find potential business customers interested in paying for their technical solutions, and not an over cautious investor, who need just brief pitch deck with couple of slides , spending just a couple of minutes reading it, before deciding, whether or not he be will be having a meeting with the tech entrepreneur.

For solving this technical problem and making software online tech startups get funded, using an automated process, Cool tech gadgets and news, will provide the tech entrepreneur with the opportunity to pitch his startup business idea not only to interested investors, but also to the most important entity which is the business potential customers.

This technical solution enabling tech entrepreneur to address their potential business customers, unlike the service offered by tech crunch, only publishing news for investors and venture capital firms about the latest well funded tech startups for attracting other investors and venture capital companies to follow the same suit.

Tech crunch and crunch base are offering a solution service, for investors and investment companies, for making the right investment decision. Cool tech gadgets and news will be a platform for technical solution discovery, gathering the three engaging entities of tech entrepreneurs, investor and potential business customers.

Tech crunch when launched, as blog writing about startups in the silicon Valley region has only this mission of serving its audience as an online tech magazine, providing latest tech news of recently launched startups and their investors, or news about growing startups and their recent funding rounds. You can check this article page, written by the founder of tech crunch, detailing why he thought of launching the blog and what was his mission.

In addition to writing about recently funded startups, Tech crunch launches annually an event, under the designation Startup battlefield, where tech entrepreneurs have the opportunity to pitch their startup business idea in front of attending investors and media covering tech news. Again, this service, though it has succeeded in launching too many successful tech businesses, it does not involve the most important and decisive entity, which is the potential customers of the business.

For those who want to know more about this event, you can visit tech crunch website page, by clicking on the website snapshot image below.


This service is similar to the invention trade show organised by Inpex, The tech entrepreneur should have a budget to cover the expenses of an air flight ticket, lodging in Hotels. All this for attending personally an annual meeting for pitching your startup business idea in front of investors and not potential customers who are the real decisive factor determining the success of your entrepreneurial journey.

For those who really can’t believe that the final and decisive factor determining your business success is your customers. The story of Quibi is the most illustrating about this fact, how an online tech startup has burnt 2 Billion$ in six months, with generating revenues.

The lack of a technical solution service serving as discovery platform of technological solutions, searched by potential business customers, has forced the tech entrepreneur to have business or tech startup business idea trapped inside his mind, or take a look at the internet, as i have done to find just these services, that are not automated, ineffective and involves taking multiple costly unnecessary procedures.


You can watch the video below, at 3:00 to hear the story of this mom, who has felt herself forced to cover the expenses of travel and hotel stays for pitching her invention idea. My personal story with Inpex dates back to 2014, when i had a direct phone call with the


female CEO of the company, telling me that for individuals in my case living in Morocco, they should have a visa for attending the trade show.

For those of you who have business idea around an invention in the form of a physical product, Cool tech gadgets and news offers six services for the entrepreneur, the suitable service for this situation is Patents, designs and inventions publishing service


Other popular services for for entrepreneurs and inventors that were running before the advent of the internet are Dragon Den and Shark Tank cast. Though these services involves all the three engaging entities of entrepreneur,


investor and customers who might be the TV show watchers, there is no public interaction with these three entities, enabling the tech business to be launched in the perfect business environment.

Other available solutions, i have discovered while searching on the internet are paid monthly subscription services, on two service websites, offering their services for tech entrepreneurs teaching them how to succeed in their entrepreneurial journey, by just mentioning several success stories of people who have managed to make it till the end. With cool tech gadgets and news, any tech entrepreneur will not experience the social and cultural environment effect on launching his business, because he will find a real online environment of investors and potential customers, expressing publicly their interest in paying for using the product.

There would be no need for being located in the perfect business environment for launching your tech startup business idea, like the Silicon valley in California or Silicon Wadi in Israel. Any tech entrepreneur will not experience the curse of the environment, forcing his technical solution business idea to be trapped inside his mind.

The video below, made by the popular youtube channel polymatter, illustrates clearly how the environment can play a crucial role in accelerating the success of your tech business venture.

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