You will start your online tech startup from home with no need for venture capital funding

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No venture capital funding for your online tech startup would be needed

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The technical solution service offered by Cool tech gadgets and news will short cut all these unnecessary costly procedures in financial, efforts and time investment, enabling the tech entrepreneur to launch his software online tech startup taking the shortest path of execution, as illustrated in the picture below.

All these procedures of launching your business will take simple steps from the comfort of your home, without needing to cover the expenses of an air travel trip, hotel lodging, well as overcoming the stress of convincing an over cautious investor.

Your first step as a tech entrepreneur aspiring to launch your online tech startup idea, begins by creating your pitch deck slides, that are in the form of videos or pictures slides. For those who have no prior knowledge of creating a startup pitchedck or the first time, you may check this link to a my template pitch deck for Easyvids as well as my campaign page.

startup campaign page_ pitchdeck slides

Your pitch deck slides are designed and created for grabbing the attention of interested investors, but not your market customers. That’s why, creating a campaign page for your online tech startup will solve all the problems involving launching your business in the perfect business environment.

A campaign page will give you all the space required to not only get the attention of serious interested investors, but your market customers. You will have unlimited space for engaging with your potential customers, not only using slides images, but all kinds of documenting material of illustrative text, images and videos.

1. Overview

startup campaign section2

In this section of the campaign page, you will provide to the campaign page visitors a general overview of your startup business idea, as well as introducing yourself.

2. Problem

startup campaign section2

Before pitching your startup business idea, you have this entire space to describe the problem, your technical solution will solve. You can use all kinds of documenting materials like images and videos to describe this problem and how the elimination of this problem will be a positive investment taken by your customers.

3. Solution

startup campaign section

In this section, dedicated for describing your business technical solution, you have all the space to use all kinds of documenting material like illustrative texts, images and videos. You will let these filled sections speak for you and communicate you message to both the interested investors as well as the potential customers.

If your online tech startup has already been launched with its website, then you can insert a link to the website, as well as some documenting video materials, explaining how the user will interact with the website functionalities.

If you can’t afford both time and financial budget for covering the development of your website, then, all you can do is inserting pictures of your drawing board or just paper drawings of the website user interface, like it has been made with kickstarter website, during its four yours of development. In the beginning, the founders have started with just some drawing boards sketches of the website user interface.

kickstarter snapshot

Though this approach might communicate well your technical solution to the potential customer, You will have nothing to loose, if you consider yourself having the necessary budget for developing your website, then you might start with working on a real website design layout, using Adobe Photoshop or after effects, providing a simulation of the user interface, making the potential customers really feel how your website works as it has already been built.


kickstarter snapshot
kickstarter snapshot

You can start you website design with hand drawing sketches on papers, then you move on to turn these drawings into an actual website design layout, using Photoshop, as explained in this video tutorial below, for a website desktop layout.


Or this one for smartphone app layout.


Then, you buy a domain name for your wordpress site and start creating your website pages using elementor page builder, as shown below with this page, using elementor as page builder for creating this page.


Flying Dream campaign page elementor template design

Though you will not have a fully working website, but this work of creating your website design will not be wasted, on the contrary, it will be a valuable investment of your time creating your template website with its template pages, helping your customer get a real feel of how your website will look like when it would be developed for full functionality.

You can even make and launch a video ad explaining all your website functionalities, as if it has been developed and ready for use by its customers, who will really feel the need of the illustrated functionalities. One of the best example of making screen recorded video of you, using the website, are the video ads below.

You can even make a smartphone screen recorded video explaining how your Saas solution will look on the users’ smartphones.

So you have developed a cool concept of a Saas solution, you will not create after getting wealthy, like Russel Branson, the creator of Click Funnels.

This approach will save you time and money if you will not decided to bootstrap your product solution, which is an ugly choice, forcing you to take this unnecessary sacrifice of precious life time and financial investment, for a product that has not yet been validated.
Everything is free in this approach, from the free courses on youtube, teaching the beginner how to design desktop website or smartphone app layout, or you can hire a web designer creating the web design of your website, in its template state.

This approach is similar to creating realistic 3D render of your physical prototype, providing your customers with real interaction as shown below.

This approach of launching your online tech stactup idea or business will not only be effective in grabbing the attention of investors, if your pitch deck slides succeed in exploring more about the potential of your startup business idea, he will have not only the opportunity to explore all the documenting materials.

without the need of planning a personal meeting, but he will explore true interactive market validation of your business, this alone, will not make a potential investor schedule a meeting with you for further discussion of your business, but discussing investment opportunities.


4. Competitive edge

If your product is new in its category, then you only need to explain its innovative features, but if it is not the only one on the market solving the specified problem, you have all the space to illustrate your distinguished product innovative technical features and how your product will be more beneficial to the customer than the existing available solutions on the market.

5. Market validation

This is the section that will make or break entrepreneurship journey, because if there would be no market validation to your technical solution, no investor will be willing to take the decision to invest in your startup business idea or business, even if he would take a miscalculated decision of investing, time will prove how wrong he was in his decision, because market validation is absent.

All startups pitch deck examples rely on market statistics and survey for validating the market for their product, there is no problem with this approach, but if we try to think outside of the box, why not give the campaign page visitor the opportunity to show publicly his interest to pay for using the service.

In this case, not the product or service real price, because the majority will no take the decision to pay for a product that is not yet mass manufactured for hitting the market. In this case we will give the campaign page visitor the opportunity to pay a symbolic price of 2$ to show publicly his interest in paying for using the product or service.

the more people who decide to pay, the more will be encouraged to take the same step, until reaching a high number of potential customers who have showed publicly their interest in paying for using the product or service. AS shown below.

startup campaign

This market validation procedure is a marketing feature that will be irresistible to the most cautious customers, on the condition that they are really feeling or suffering the pains of the technical problem solved by your startup business idea, this feeling of pain will never stop until finding a technical solution.


On the other hand, this number achieved on a trust worthy third party fund raising site will be irresistible to interested investors, who will contact for discussing investment in your startup business, instead of sending a pitchdeck, for arranging a meeting with the investor.


If you prefer to keep your startup business private, without giving equity to interested investors, you will have the opportunity to launch a crowdfunding campaign for your online tech startup, giving your supporters free life time membership on your platform, for hiring a team of web developers to start building your website from the already made templated website design.

6. Customer benefits

startup campaign

This section dedicated to describe the benefits your customers will get, after their decision to pay for your business service. Here you will have  all the space you need to use al kinds of documenting materials of illustrative text , images and videos. The more you provide convincing reasons about these benefits, the more they will take action in paying 2$ for showing publicly their interest in paying for using your business service.


7. Product

This last section of your pitchdeck, concerning the product. Here you will have the opportunity to make a screen recorded video of your templated website design being visited, how the user can engage with its user interface as well as its unctionalities. Making your campaign page visitor have the impression of using a website with full functionalities and not a templated deign website.

If ther is an additional product component in the form of a hardware product, you can create a 3D realistic render of this product and give the campaign page visitor the opportunity to interact with the hardware product features.


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