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my first invention project in the form of the ultimate solution for urban air transportation

perfect entrepreneurial environment for achieving the fastest sustainable growth and profitability

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After successfully launching his business, the entrepreneur will always profit from the data registered on cool tech gadgets and news, of the prelaunch campaign and the crowdfunding campaign, by the way, the tech entrepreneur will have the opportunity to launch a crowdfunding campaign for saas company.

After brainstorming on the idea, i have found that the best approach would be offering the backers free life time monthly membership, as reward for their pledges to the entrepreneur for hiring a team of developers for building the website with its fully functional features using the already built templated designs.

So after a successful prelaunch campaign, the entrepreneur will use the built email list, already hosted on cool tech gadgets and news website. This email list will be used for your crowdfunding campaign of your online tech startup, all you have to do is just notify your interested customers about the launch date of your crowdfunding campaign.

There would be no waste of time and money for web hosting, designing the perfect pre launch campaign page and paying for monthly subscription of an email autoresponder for building an email list of potential business customers.

Enticing your first backers, by a free life time membership to pledge for hiring a team of developers to build your website would be the perfect perk, after each potential backer has actually discovered that a significant number of potential customers have expressed the willingness to pay for using your startup business solution.

This approach for crowdfunding saas startups will be much more effective for the entrepreneur, the investor and business customers, enabling the tech entrepreneur to start hiring developers for building the website as soon as possible, instead of taking the ugly choice of bootstrapping.

wasting precious life time in saving money for website building as well as the customers time who could get the product ready for use, instead of waiting for the entrepreneur to save money for hiring developers for building the website like the case for envato ,kickstarter, indiegogo, udemy.

The approach for bootstrapping is the most stupid business procedure, an entrepreneur can take, because it would be illogical to take this silly decision if you have the opportunity to showcase your business solution offer on technical solutions discovery platform, like Cool tech gadgets and news, where visitors looking for your technical solution can validate your market product with a risk free procedure.

This risk free market validation procedure is free for both of them by paying a symbolic price of 2$ and for you as an entrepreneur, for not wasting precious irrevocable life time and financial investment in building a website waiting for market validation.

Choosing the technical solution, offered by Cool tech gadgets and news, for launching your online tech startup will help you avoid the pains and unnecessary time, efforts and financial investments that have been experienced by these successful companies.



This successful company could have been launched, by its founders, without being financed by credit card debt, borrowing from family and freelancing on evenings. All this for the purpose of saving 90000$ for hiring web developers, to build the website.

Below is a paragraph telling about the company story on everipedia website, you can check it for exploring more about the company.

” With no technical co-founder, the team hired a developer to build the initial version of FlashDen. Launching the business cost $90,000 in total, financed by credit card debt, borrowing from family, and freelancing on evenings and weekends. [15] The company’s first office was Cyan Ta’eed’s parents’ basement garage. Envato has remained bootstrapped since its founding, [19] despite repeated interest from VC firms.

” From <>

If there had been a technical solution service like cool tech gadgets and news, the founders would build just a templated design of their website, then create a pre launch campaign page on cool tech gadgets and news, for attracting potential customers of their technical solution.

In the case of Envato, their potential customers are artists or digital assets creators who want an online market place for buying their creative work. After a successful pre launch campaign, collecting a significant number of customers interested in paying for the service, Envato founders would then proceed to launching their crowdfunding campaign.

In this crowdfunding campaign, they will email their interested potential customers, of the date of their crowdfunding campaign, informing them of the special perk of free life time membership, in this case paying no 5 % for selling digital assets. This perk could be 100, 200 or 300 $.

So after a successful crowdfunding campaign on cool tech gadgets and news, they will use the collected funds for hiring software developers for building the website.



In the case of Udemy, the founders would take this short cut path, followed by envato founders, instead of wasting time pitching and getting rejected by 100 investors.

They would start by creating a templated design of their website, then create a pre launch campaign page on Coll tech gadgets and news website, for attracting potential customers of their solution, in this case people wanting to create and online courses on an online teaching platform.

After a successful prelaunch campaign, collecting a high significant number of interested customers in paying for using the service, they would proceed to the next step of launching their crowdfunding campaign, enticing their interested customers of a free life time membership on their online teaching platform.

Finally, the collected funds of this crowdfunding campaign will be used for hiring developers for building the website, office rent and other utilities…This shortcut path could have saved them the unnecessary life pains and sufferings, in wasting time pitching and convincing investors.



After conception of this startup business idea in 2006, consisting of creating an online fund raising platform for funding indie movie makers. The founder of this crowdfunding website, Danae Ringelmann, could have proceeded in taking the same procedure as if it had the necessary financial budget, for building the website and hiring all the required professional staff for running the business.

Instead of waiting 6 years, since the conception of the idea in 2006, till the first seed funding of 1 million$, Danae Ringlemann could have proceeded with creating a templated website design, illustrating all the functionalities to their potential customers, in her case, these customers are indie film makers wanting to raise funds for producing movies to their audience.

The next step would be creating of a pre launch campaign page, on cool tech gadgets and news, where the interested potential customers of the technical solution service, will have the opportunity to visit and explore the website functionalities in its templated design, as if it has been built with its full functionalities.

After a successful market validation of collecting a significant high number of interested customers, the final step would be the launch of a crowdfunding campaign, enticing these interested customers of a free life time use of the platform service, in this case no 5% fee cut of the collected raised funding.

The raised funds of the crowdfunding campaign will be used for building the website, office rent and hiring the required professional staff for running the business.



After the startup business idea conception in 2001, Perry Cheng, The Founder of Kickstarter has not managed to execute his startup business idea until after 8 years, when he finally managed to launch this successful popular crowdfunding platform, on 2hth April 2008, having raised 5.6 billion $, by more than 19 million people, who have pledged for supporting 198056 successfully funded projects.

This platform has gone beyond its stated goal of helping artist and creative people, get funded for pursuing the creative careers, it has helped thousands of inventors and gadgets designer launch their entrepreneurial careers, with some of these gadget designers are now big profitable brands, like Peak design and pebble smart watch.

If a successful online fund raising platform has managed to reach this unprecedented success. An important question should be asked, why its founder has encountered these unnecessary financial and technical hurdles, that stood on his way before launching the website.

After four years of idea conception, he could not dedicate his time to execution, because he has to produce music for supporting himself financially.

When he has finally decided to create the platform in 2005, he was not a coder, nor a business man with a disposable amount of wealth, he could use for hiring developers, to create the platform. He has started, with the help of two co founders friends form the drawing board.

For hiring a web developer, he has resorted to the same procedure, used by the Founders of Envato to launch their website, which was ,using credit card money, borrowing from family. So he has convinced some friends to lend him money for hiring web developer, to build the website. Spending 4 years, since the start in 2005 till the website launch in 2009.

If a platform for technical solutions discovery has been available in 2001. Perry Cheng, would launch a templated website design of kickstarter, then create a pre launch campaign page on cool tech gadgets and news, explaining to his potential customers all the website functionalities.

In his case, his potential customers are musicians and artist, then after a successful pre launch campaign collecting high significant number of supporters, he would proceed to launching a crowdfunding campaign, enticing his interested customers of free life time exempted campaign launches, without 5% cut.

After collecting the raised funds, he will proceed directly to rent an office and start hiring web developers. All these procedures would have taken more than a couple of months without spending 4 years in indecisiveness, followed by four years facing financial and technical struggles.

For more stories illustrating the struggles of online tech entrepreneurs, facing unnecessary financial and technical hurdles, i invite you to watch these two interesting stories :

After launching your website, you will notify your first crowdfunding backers of the availability of the service, by registering their lifte time free membership on sale’s page created on Cool tech gadgets and news. A second email will be sent for notifying them to write their reviews on the sale’s page hosted on cool tech gadgets and news.

you will be directing new customers to make their payment on your sales page created on cool tech gadgets and news, making payments as well as leaving customers reviews on your created sale’s page on cool tech gadgets and news, will be more efficient in new customers acquisition than leaving just reviews.

customer reviews

Having a review with a verified purchase made on a third party trust worthy website, will contribute significantly in the growth rate of customers acquisition, as well profitability of your company.

customer reviews pic2
customer reviews pic3

If your software start up comes as Saas solution for customers as subscribers, then you can benefit from this feature of showing the number of subscribed customers, who will pay for their subscription on a sale’s page you will create and launch on cool tech gadgets and news, as well as giving you their customer reviews, as proof of concept for encouraging future investors to make generous investment in your start up, helping you greatly ease future funding rounds.

This feature of creating and launching your sale’s page or customers subscription payment page, on cool tech gadgets and news, will accelerate the rate of customer acquisitions or the rate of customers subscription.

It will remove subscription payment friction or payment hesitation on your newly created website, if you will choose to acquire your paid subscribers on your subscription page, created on your website.

This feature is similar to creating and launching your sale’s page of your hardware gadget on cool tech gadgets and news, for benefitting from free traffic from the website blog posts, as well as free customers reviews, from people who have bought your physical product on your sale’s page created on cool tech gadgets and news, which will help you greatly remove the customer’s buying hesitation and generate higher sales.

With free trustworthy customers reviews on the subscription page, you would benefit from more future subscribed customers , who would not hesitate to make their subscription transaction on your subscription page, created on cool tech gadgets and news.


It is our responsability, as tech entrepreneurs and potential customers supporting innovations, making us achieve highest life quality. It is really our most important responsibility to support cool tech gadgets and news mission, designed to make the entrepreneurship road free from unnecessary technical or financial hurdles.

If kickstarter and Indiegogo mission was enabling creative people to unleash their creative talent independently from the financial sources or far from the influence of their patrons.

Cool tech gadgets and news will free the tech entrepreneur to unleash his innovation talent for solving world’s most daunting technical problems, independently from the influence of investors, of whom the majority don’t care about the pains of the customers who are in urgent need of a technical solution, as well as the pains of the tech entrepreneur who has endure financial hardships to develop the technical solution.

For those who really want to support the website mission, enabling all tech entrepreneurs, bring their technical solution to the market, using the easiest and most effective procedures, you can express your support, i am here addressing tech entrepreneurs, by showing publicly your interest in using the platform service.

The more tech entrepreneurs show their support publicly, the more the platform will reach the largest customer base for their businesses, helping your successful business thrive in the perfect business environment. Not only by reaching potential customers who will trust and pay for your product or service, but also entrepreneurs develop other technical solution, enabling the running of your business in the most productive way.

A platform working this way, that will be used by any tech entrepreneur, for reaching potential business customers of his technical solution, should not be considered my platform, it is your platform, that will enable you reaching you customers, without having to build your own platform. It is up to you to show publicly your interest in supporting the platform.

People looking for technical solutions to their life problems are also invited to show their support for the platform for encouraging future entrepreneurs who will take the initiative to develop the perfect technical solution for thr daunting technical problems

startup campaign

The same way internet has enabled us to be surrounded and influenced by great people , but it has not been developed to be an effective tool for taking action towards the most important public goals, making our lives achieve the highest life quality possible. Cool tech gadgets and news will be this effective tool.

If every one doesn’t want to feel isolated if he would come up with a perfect technical solution to a life problem as well every body who them selves don’t want to feel isolated in taking part for supporting an innovative technical solution then i invite you all to this initiative of supporting cool tech gadgets and news.

With your support of cool tech gadgets and news as technical solution discovery platform, you will contribute to make this website, one of the most influential websites, like wikipedia and google that have contributed significantly in improving our daily lives.

As for me, i am planning to launch 4 online tech startups, with cool tech gadgets and news being the first, my work on it until achieving success will guarantee the success launches of the three online tech startups, Easyvids.

I have experienced the same unnecessary financial and technical hurdles in my entrepreneurial journey, so i have set out to come up first with the needed technical solution for eliminating all technical and financial hurdled standing in the entrepreneur journey.

If some on had created an efficient technical solution in the form of technical solution discovery platform, i could not have wasted more than 6 years, since the day i have decided to launch my first product, the ergonomic keyboard with productive feature of predictive typing. I am considering this platform, a platform for everyone and not mine, it will continue its services after my death, so that no ambitious tech entrepreneur will waste precious life time, overcoming unnecessary technical and financial hurdles trying to bring his technical solution to the market.

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