Top 5 best android TV box for 2019

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Top 5 best android tv box for 2019

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5 ► Roku Ultra | 4K/HDR/HD Streaming Player with Premium JBL Headphones, Voice Remote, Remote Finder, Ethernet and USB

roku android tv box

Roku Ultra packs a powerful quad-core processor, our best wireless, brilliant picture quality, and channels that launch faster than ever. It includes an enhanced voice remote with personal shortcut buttons, TV controls, lost remote finder, and premium JBL headphones for private listening.
The user of the Roku Ultra android TV Box will benefit from the following features : best wireless user experience , brilliant picture quality , faster channel launch , enhanced voide remote with personal shortcut buttons , TV controls,lost remote finder and premium JBL headphones for private listening .
This convenient wireless user experience is achieved thanks to strong connection with dual-band wireless or the use of Ethernet port for wired streaming. You should continue reading to the end to find the answer to your question which android tv box is best?

rokuandroid tv box
roku android tv box image quality

The controls are configured to set personal shortcuts using the user voice for one touch control for launching favorite playlist or favorite actor and more in a press for performing the following tasks :
use voice to search across channels, turn captions on or play music .

As shown above ,4K TVs users will experience watching TV in stunning detail and clarity , wether in HD,4k or HDR .The picture will be optimized for TV with sharp resolution and vivid color .

In addition to that , the user can benefit from cherries on top features like :
lost remote finder that helps the user find the lost remote by a simple press of the button on the player that commands the remote to paly a sound .
using the included JBL headphones to raise the volume without disturbing people in your surrounding .
additional local storage thanks to the built in usb port and microSD card slot for local playback .
All this is achieved thanks to the following features :
Powerful quad-core processor and our best wireless
New! Fast channel launch
New! Personal shortcut buttons
USB, microSD, and Ethernet ports for ultimate connectivity
Includes Premium JBL headphones for private listening
Lost remote finder
Stream free TV, live news, sports, music, movies, and more
Enhanced voice remote with personal shortcut buttons and TV controls.

These mentioned technical features above make the Roku Ultra one of the best tv box streaming gadgets.


• 4 ► Fire TV Cube, hands-free with Alexa and 4K Ultra HD

alexa fire tv cube


This amazon made android TV box can be described in these just following few words :a TV top box for users who prefer voice control with alexa which is configured not only to execute TV related commands like channel launch , or playing favorite TV shows , it is also configured to execute more custom voice commands  like adding a product to your shopping cart .


3 ► Touchjet WAVE Android Tablet Virtual Touchscreen TV System

touch wave android tv box

I was really hesitant to include this gadget (though it is actually an android TV box) becuase its main fuctionality is providing the user a virtual touch screen for interactive presentation on the big TV screen .The main advantage of this technical feature is saving some couples to tens of thousands of dollars for buying big touch screen TV .My intention for making this video and this artcile was only for android TV boxes that can be used at home and not in work offices , but i found that the Touchjet wave can be the best and cheapest gadget for youtubers who make presentations either by streaming a screen record session or writing on a phyisical board .

The technology dates back to the early 80s .

The functionality of this virtual touch interface is similar to an technological design that dates back in the early 80 and precisely in 1983 , when hp released its first ms dos pc, this pc had a virtual touch screen interface in which the screen glass is at the edge , there are infra red emitting and sensing diodes working to detedct the user fingers and measuring its 2D coordinated on the screen .

the same fuctionality is adopted on the touch wave ,with a difference in the implementation in which ,the infrared waves are emitted from the top infrared projector and are sensed by an infrared camera senesor located near the projector as shown below .It should be noted that the touchwave android tablet has penetrated the market after succeful crowdfunding campaign on indiegogo and this is what you will notice in the majority of the articles written on cool tech gadgets and news web site , that the majority of innovative gadgets and inventions have penetrated the consumer market after successful crowdfunding campaign .


2 ► NVIDIA SHIELD TV Gaming Edition | 4K HDR Streaming Media Player

nvidea shield android tv box

The nvidea shield tv does not only with a single android TV box but also with custom made game controller and even the android TV box differs from the others in that it does not only integrate a CPU but also a GPU made by the company for graphics hardware intensive applications . With this intro , the nvidea Shield for gaming would be the best for those who want to save money by having both an android TV box and a gaming system  in the living room, it should be noted, the popular gaming mobile gaming console, the nintendo switch, has hardware components, namely the system on chip ,which includes the CPU and GPU, made by nvidea .


1► Xiaomi Mi Box – 4K Ultra HDR TV Streaming Media Player with Voice Search Remote

mi box android tv box
The mi box is one of the cheapedt and most affordable android TV boxes and comes with high end hardware specs for using the android TV box with high end smart 4k TVs. All this thanks to the following technical features :
  •  Quad-core Processor, 4K HDR Support, WiFi/Dolby/DTS RAM 2GB, ROM 8GB with Bluetooth.
  • HDMI 2.0a  With up to 18Gbps speeds, it significantly improves picture and sound quality,  perfect for watching 4K Ultra HD and HDR video content.
  • APPS for the big screenSling TV, Netflix, Vudu,FandangoNOW and more.
  • International Model, Works worldwide.

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