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raised more than 12m USD $ on kickstarter by more than 27k backers

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Product1 :

5 ► eto: a beautiful innovation in wine preservation


eto wine preservation gadget :

this cool wine decanter achieves this amzing task of wine preservation thanks to its patented preservation system that creates an airtight seal over the wine, eto halts the oxidation process, which in turn preserves the wine’s freshness and taste. 

The user will will benefit from two two features : money saving by no waste of wine and no no need to rush to finish the bottle which is beneficial to more health conscious people who are moderate in their wine drinking habits . The picture below illustrates and explains in details how to use this wine preservation gadget .


For those of you who are curious about the internal parts of this wine decanter , the picture below highlights various parts enabling eto wine preservation gadget to perform its task .


For those of you who are interested to know everything about this cool wine preservation gadget , all you have to do is visiting the indiegogo campaign page by clicking on the button below . One thing i would like to mention is that this wine preservation gadget is included among the coolest successfully funded campaign on indiegogo , even though it has already been funded on kickstarter on june 2017 . The reason for making this choice is that eto has been funded after kickstarter on indiegogo with more than one million USD and its backers have received their rewards on October 2019 approximately two months ago . A good news for those who are really interested in having and using this cool gadget , all backers who have received eto are impressed with its features as highlighted in the crowdfunding campaign , below are some of the backers testimonials in the comments section .



4 ► U-Bolt Pro: The Ultimate 6 in 1 Smart DeadBolt

U-bolt Pro

U-Bolt pro smart deadbolt  description :

This smart deadbolt lock packs multiple useful technical features with these six main technical features being the most important , which are the following :

With these useful technical feature differentiating the U-bolt pro smart lock from other smart locks the user can lock or unlock the door without the use of a smartphone . In addition to that , this Deadbolt smart lock is designed for an easy installation as illustrated below .

U-bolt pro smart deadbolt

Product3 •

3 ► GPD P2 Max: The world’s smallest Ultrabook

U-bolt Pro

GDP P2 Max technical description :

The GDP P2 max ultrabook is designed to create a new segment of the  ultrabooks personal computers by offering the user an 8.9 inch ultrabook in the size of an ipad mini but with the performance of an ordinary pc capable of handling all the computing tasks as shown below

GDP P2 max

Below is a list technical features adopted in the GDP pe max :





The Keywe smart lock can be the best option for for people , who are more concerned with safety , when opting for using a smart lock . This safety is achieve thanks to the following three main features :

keywe smart lock on amazon pic2
  1. The first major safety feature is its design with an Ansi Grade 2 Deadbolt
  2. The second technical safety feature is its construction with aluminium that is used in the construction of airplanes and boats .
keywe smart lock on amazon

3. The third major safety technical feature , is the use of 128 bit AES encription for the connection between the KeyWe App and the smart door lock . Thanks to this technical feature , the signals remain encrypted between the App and hardware , housed inside the smart door lock . In addition to that , the hardware and the App are constantly updated for constant security . This encryption keeps date access very restricted , and triggers the App to block logins and delete all data , whenever an attempt to jailbreak or rooting could be detected .

A smart lock needs to be, well... smart. There are many smart locks out there but they may not offer everything you need. Imagine - as you approach your front door, it unlocks automatically and after you enter, it will lock itself. KeyWe can do this for you. Sounds too easy? Feeling unsure about the Smart Open? The KeyWe has been tested in high rise buildings with many Bluetooth connections around and we are confident it is still fully functional in under these conditions. The amazing part is that this is just one of many options of the KeyWe, you can try the Magic Touch - one which you can activate the touchpad with your smartphone and the door will open.

The most exceptional feature making the Keywe claim , it is the smatest door lock available on the market , the multi functionality its is designed to offer to the user , by enabling the user to have six mosed of interaction with door lock .

The Keywe smart door lock unlocks automatically , when the user approaches the door , then it will lock itself after the user enters . This useful technical feature is achieved thanks to the bluetooth connection between the Keywe smart door lock and the martphone . The bluetooth connection has been tested extensively in high rise buildings with many bluetooth connections . The tests have revealed the stable functionality in this king of environment .

In addition to this useful technical feature , the user can benefit from 5 useful features , you can explore on the product indiegogo campaign page .


• MOFT X – Invisible Stand for Phone and Tablet


The Moft X stand for smartphones and tablets is the second computing device accessory designed , after the first , called Moft , an invisible laptop stand, which was successfully funded on kickstarter and indiegogo , with more than 36k backers .


The user can benefit from 6 useful features , as shown below , when carrying and using the moft X invisible stand for smartphones and tablets .

The tilt angle at which , the stand is positioned is the suitable angle enabling the user to interact ergonomically with the smartphone screen .

Moft x for smartphones and tablets pic3

This ergonomic feature can make the user enjoy using his or her smartphone in multiple use cases , as shown below :

Moft x for smartphones and tablets pic4

You can explore all the remaining useful technical features by clicking on the link below to indiegogo campaign page .

For those interested in the Moft X invisible smartphone stand , you can click on the button below to the amazon ordering page .

For those interested in the Moft X invisible tablet stand , you can click on the button below to the amazon ordering page .

TRIO: Portable dual & triple screen laptop monitor

raised $867,602 USD by 2,731 backers

DUO: The on-the-go dual screen laptop monitor

available on amazon

TINY TOWER Adjustable and Portable Laptop Stand

available on amazon

Knaive Thunderbolt USB C Hub

available on amazon

MOBICASE - the ultimate 'anywhere' workstation bag

raised $110,775 by 960 backers on kickstarter

VISTAR: 10-in-1 USB-C Hub for MacBook, PC, USB-C devices

raised $243,522 USD by 1,219 backers

available for ordering on indieogo

SuperTank: A Week of Phone Power, Rapid Recharge

raised more than $900 USD by more than 4.4k backers available on amazon

Vinpok Split - Best On-the-go Touch Screen Monitor

raised $867,602 USD by 2,731 backers

CoreBook - Ultimate 2-in-1 WIN10 Tablet Laptop

raised more than$ 500k USD by more than 1,2k backers
available on amazon

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