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Hi and welcome to all inventors around the world. For those of you who have some or a patented design of gadget or any new inventions, and you would like some gadget manufactures to licence your design, as well as getting market validation, you can submit it to its corresponding category and it will be showcased on the website for a payed licensing, the interested manufacturer will pay you.This approach will be much more effective than the traditional approach followed to patent product or patent idea,

Latest coolest inventions & gadgets

my first invention project in the form of the ultimate solution for urban air transportation

so no more question should be asked like this: how patent a product or how patent an idea, because this single campaign page wil help you get your patent, market validation and interest of investors and interested manufacturers read to buy a license.

The good news and the most important novel feature, an inventor or gadget designer would get is that his submitted page will get direct engagement with the potential customer, and not only potential investors, who, in the most cases will not value the true potential or your invention or gadget design.

This engagement would be by paying 2$ pledge for showing public interest in paying for using the product, The more people, your invention or gadget design appeal to, the higher the number of supporters that will be publicly displayed on your submitted page.




number of supporter snapshot complete

There are more than 30 websites functioning as market places for selling and buying patented ideas or plain ideas, you can check this informative article post about these websites.

On all these websites, all you have to do, is submitting some personal information about you, then describe your idea in a short text article in submission form, with the option to upload some images on some websites.

On cool tech gadgets and news, you will not submit your patented idea for grabbing the attention of an entrepreneur for use in his business, but you will have the opportunity to get real market validation o your patented idea.

Giving your submitted page visitors, the opportunity to show publicly their interest in paying for using your potential future product. This way, you will attract more licence buyers of your patented idea or design, than submitting it with plain text and image, without any user interaction.

On cool tech gadgets and news, you will not submit your patented idea for grabbing the attention of an entrepreneur for use in his business, but you will have the opportunity to get real market validation o your patented idea.

Giving your submitted page visitors, the opportunity to show publicly their interest in paying for using your potential future product. This way, you will attract more licence buyers of your patented idea or design, than submitting it with plain text and image, without any user interaction.

CPQ (Configure-Price-Quote) 3D Demo: Passenger Drone Configurator

Parametric Online 3D Furniture Configurator

Verge3D for Blender Basics - Part 1 - Introduction

Paving Slabs 3D Configurator

Your submitted page visitor will have the opportunity to interact with an almost real product and not a plain idea, on text and drawing sketches.


You can even submitted an invention involving a whole productivity process, as shown below:


Interactive 3D Warehouse Marketing Tool

This feature not available on any website, including crowdfunding sites, will give the inventor the competitive edge of the lean startup, for hardware products, for an easy, quick and efficient market validation, without wasting precious time and financial investments on building expensive hardware prototype.


On crowdfunding sites, there is unlimited stress experienced by all team members, working on building a physical prototype of a product, because, on these reward based crowdfunding sites, link to protoype ubuntu, the backers will be pledging, on the sole condition of receiving their shipped physical products. And not a 3D concept.


Cool tech gadgets and news offers the entrepreneur efficient and free tools and procedures to begin his entrepreneurial in the perfect conditions, from validating his idea, without the upfront costs associated with webhosting, buying traffic and email subscription service.


The entrepreneur will have also the opportunity to launch his crowdfunding campaign, on cool tech gadgets and news, in the perfect conditions, using the email list of collected emails, of his submitted page illustrating hid invention idea.


I have wasted nearly six precious years of my life, simply because, i could not think of an innovative solution like this, even if i had thought of it, back then, the limiting belief, we had as young entrepreneurs in their 20s, could not have helped me in pursuing building this innovative solution for me as entrepreneurs and for all entrepreneurs around the world.


This was the limiting belief of small actions are not important, if these small actions were accumulated 6 years ago, this website could have served me and thousands of entrepreneurs, with innovation solutions or innovative technical solutions promising to disrupt the way we live.


I really did not have the intentions of going through these personal life details, but mentioning this important fact could be a life changing factor and event for the majority. I have postponed working on this solution for nearly 11 years.


Thinking that working on an affordable advertising solution for inventors, will take long precious life years, without any guarantees of the success of the web platform, serving as technological solution discovery platform.


11 Years have passed since then, here i am finding myself, forced to work on this technical solution for inventors and entrepreneurs, helping them get quick market validation for their inventions and business ideas, as well as helping them with a freely affordable solution to launch their business in their validated market.


I did not have valuable network connections, as well as financial means for investing in building a hardware prototype and an advertising budget to spend on the marketing campaign of this business solution.


Was it a wise decision to waste 11 precious life years, waiting for someone to come up with a cool technical solution, in the form of a business solution, helping inventors and entrepreneurs launch their businesses, in the perfect environment, contributing to reach quick growth with engagement with more business potential customers.


This hard lesson has made me realise, how dangerous some limiting beliefs could destroy your precious life years, if the individual has not taken enough precaution of these life situations, of never waiting for some one to come up with technical solution your problems, in the case that no one has tried before.


These were just brief important life memories documenting my unnecessary life pains during my entrepreneurial journey. This part of this article will be reserved for my upcoming first book, in which i have dedicated an entire chapter about my life.


11years, back then, since 2009. When i have come up with one of the coolest inventions and gadget designs, in the beginning of 2015, a keyboard with predictive typing, using 6 big buttons, at the top displaying the predicted words, the user will be typing.


In The beginning of 2015, i have travelled to a city called Agadir, where there is an unoccupied apartment, owned by my brother. I have decided to give a try for this business venture, with a plan for building an ecommerce website for the ergonomic keyboard, showcasing just realistic 3D video renders of this product, making it look like a real product.


You can imagine the associated effort of learning simple basic web coding and 3D software packages for producing realistic scenes, showcasing realistic product imagery when used.


I have downloaded courses teaching how to execute and build these projects from scratch, an ecommerce website using php and java script, from Linda.com. For the 3D video scenes, i have downloaded courses from digital tutors.


To my surprise in 2018, i have just been aware of the availability of ready made solution for web development and website building, like wordpress, giving the website builder all the necessary tools for building an entire website from scratch in less than a day. All this thanks to its strong community of developers.


For showcasing your invention to the interested potential customers, you have to learn web coding 3D software packages, think of ways or creating content to generate traffic, all these unnecessary pains , just to start a business around an invention or gadget design.


With the same philosophy used by wordpress, content management system for easing website building, this service will ease the market validation of your patented invention, technical solution or gadget design, by submitting in an article, with illustrative text, images and videos as well as  building 3D realistic illustrative concept design, enabling potential customers to bridge the gap between sketch drawing and real physical prototype.



This Process will take you less than a day instead of months, by serving just you and not too many thousands of inventors and entrepreneurs sharing the entrepreneurial passion.


My life has entered in unnecessary life pains and struggles just to get the necessary funding to manufacture a working prototype design, which i have not managed to achieve. The idea of the ergonomic keyboard stayed trapped inside my mind.


From its early conception in late August 2014 and my decision to execute in the beginning of 2015. Since then, six years have been passed, till this moment, i am writing this paragraph, at 14:47 on 10/03/2021.


As i have mentioned in this special part of this article, my life has been full of countless unnecessary life pains and struggles, in a country full of countless obstacles for achieving the simplest goals. That’s why i have dedicated an entire chapter documenting my life and my struggles in my entrepreneurial journey.



Returning back to the main topic of our article, which concerns how the inventor or the owner of a patented invention or design idea would profit from free affordable advertising service, as well as encouraging financial incentives to continue his entrepreneurial journey.


There will be also some additional support features of your invention or gadget design, like enticing your submitted page visitors to pledge 5$ for additional advertising to reach more interested audience. In addition to having more interested audience submit their emails on the generated opt in form on your submitted page.

All these free effective offers will be more efficient than following the traditional procedures that are costly both in time and financial investment. To Prove all this with verified data, i will show you here an actual potential client to Cool tech gadgets and news.

This client, i can consider the first potential client to cool tech gadgets and news, has contacted me for making a product review to his planned crowdfunding campaign of his designed Kayak. Here is the email, he has sent me.

client mail pic1

When i have checked his website, i have found that it is just a templated design, and not an actual website filled with proper content, the website visitor can engage with, as you can see below.

Website home page upward part :

Website home page downward part:

The visitor to the home page, can’t visit any page when clicking on a link. That’s why, it is really a waste of time and energy, trying to build a website from scratch, for a product that has not hit the market yet.

Waste in financial investment, in buying hosting and monthly subscription for an email auto responder. Waste in time investment, when trying to build a hardware prototype, while you are on a tight budget.

On cool tech gadgets and news, you will launch your pre launch campaign page in matter of less than a day, with a hosted email list, instead of wasting time on hosting, domain names, wordpress theme and email auto responder for building an email list.

A high quality pre launch campaign page, instead of pre launching your product on an unknown website.

Campaign page gallery

When clicking on contact campaign owner, the visitor will get to this part of the campaign page:

When clicking on project story, the visitor will get to this part of the campaign page:

When clicking on comments, the visitor will get to this part of the campaign page:

When clicking on support campaign button, the visitor will get to this part of the campaign page:

There will be other campaign support options, the campaign owner will get, as displayed below:

Getting the freely affordable service of creating your pre launch campaign page, in less than a day, will save you huge investment in time , money and effort, than creating this high quality website as prelauch campaign. (click to visit Ikuddle website)

For avoiding this pitfall of physical hardware building, the entrepreneur might just produce high quality 3D realistic rendering of the product, the potential customer will have the opportunity to interact with it visually and explore all of its features.

One important fact i want to mention about physical prototype design building, there will be a service for free hardware or physical prototype building, on the condition that it would be launched on a campaign page hosted on cool tech gadgets and news.

All these freely affordable services ranging from having high quality engaging pre launch campaign, with an appealing design, so no wasted time in design, free hosted email list building, without paying a monthly subscription for an email autoresponder , free physical prototype building and finally high quality free organic reach, from the website content.

All these amazing freely affordable features to the aspiring entrepreneur and inventor will be achieved only if you support cool tech gadgets and news, because it will be more than a website you own, freeing you from all the headaches of manging your own website, as well as enabling you to make higher sales numbers, when you will launch your product on your created sales page, hosting trust worthy customer reviews, instead of paying third party sites and services for getting customers reviews.

One last thing i have not mentioned here, it about another service, as an entrepreneur or inventor, you be also enabled to lauch your crowdfunding campaign on cool tec gadgets and news. This feature is already available for any interested entrepreneur.

As soon as the first pre launch campaign pages will be created, any one interested in launching his crowdfunding campaign can contact us for more information.

Entrepreneurs and inventors who have decided to create their pre launch campaigns on cool tech gadgets and news, they are welcome to submit all campaign data, by filling the form below.


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