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unismart as in car dash cam and car phone holder

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Can this universal phone accessory be also your best car accessory to use as best car dash cam and car phone holder?

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This post in the car inventions category will be one of the most interesting, the car invention is a simple car accessory interior, simple in its design, but offers the functionality of three car accessories interior.

The most important thing is that this gadget called Unismart is of my own design, i really wished if an influencer or some of popular blogs could write neutral product review about this car accessory, but because of some unexpected problems, i have decided to write this review post myself, which would be a great opportunity for me, and for you as a reader and potential customer, to introduce myself as inventor, gadget designer and blogger.

This car accessory interior will be the coolest car accessory for those who seek minimalist living or minimalism in design of all the gadgets and products they use on a daily basis. In addition to the minimalist design philosophy, i have also adopted my own design philosophy of adopting a multifunctionality feature, providing you more comfort and ease of use of only one single car accessory, instead of three, thus saving money, space and manufacturing materials.

This multifunctionality design philosophy will provide the driver with a car phone holder, dash cam and Universal Head-Up Display (HUD) for GPS Navigation for Any Car, So instead of thinking of buying a best dash cam for your car, you will have the opportunity for saving money to use this car accessory interior as your best car phone holder,

This applies only for the use of the Unismart as a universal car accessory interior, as when stepping out of the car, this phone accessory can be used at home as a phone stand, phone wireless charger, and phone power bank. In the outdoors, it is designed for use as your best phone tripod for shooting amazing photos or recording stunning videos.

In total, this phone accessory or car accessory interior has all the necessary technical features to provide its users with the functionality of six phone accessories, enabling the user to enjoy the best minimalist lifestyle or minimalist phone experience, saving you space and weight as well as saving of extra cost that could have paid for 5 phone accessories, or two car accessories interior.

Since this post review was planned for the Unismart as a universal car accessory interior, it will only show and focus on its functionalities as a car accessory interior for use as car phone holder, in car dash cam and Universal Head-Up Display (HUD) for GPS Navigation for Any Car.

As for the other four remaining functionalities, you are invited to explore more about this cool tech gadget of my own design, on its following official campaign page. You are going to explore in this post the three technical functionalities of the Unismart. The main article will be divided into three mian topics, each main topic will be dedicated to illustrate a specific technical feature of the Unismart.

    • In the first main topic illustrating the technical functionalities of the Unismart as your best in car dash cam, you will explore the distinctive functionalities of this in car dash cam compared to the best dash cams available on the market, both in technical features, price and ease of use.
    • In the second main topic illustrating the technical functionalities of the Unismart as your best phone car holder, you will explore the distinctive technical features of how the user would enjoy the convenience of using the Unismart both as a phone car holder and in car dash cam, instead of using two separate car accessories interior.
    • In the third main topic, you will explore how the Unismart can provide the best user experience of a Universal Head-Up Display (HUD) for GPS Navigation for Any Car, instead of using another car gadget to fulfil this role.

Main article

    1. Use as your best in car dash cam

    2. Use as your best phone car holder

    3. Use as your best Universal Head-Up Display (HUD) for GPS Navigation for Any Car

    1. Use as your best in car dash cam:



Main article:

    1. Use as your best in car dash cam

    2. Use as your best phone car holder

    3. Use as your best Universal Head-Up Display (HUD) for GPS Navigation for Any Car

    1. Use as your best in car dash cam

The Unismart used as in car dash cam is designed to provide the driver the best user experience of an in car dash cam by combining the high quality camera of latests smartphone models and the built-in power bank inside the Unismart.

Modern smartphones are equipped with powerful cameras for taking best quality image or recording the highest quality video footage, so why not benefit from these available technical features for turning your modern smartphone into an in car dash cam, instead of paying an average price of 200$ for buying a new dash cam.


car phone holder and dash cam

The illustrating picture above clearly shows that the design of the car phone holder, in windshield configuration, is the only factor preventing these car accessories to make the smartphone to work as an in car dash cam.

The holding part of the car phone holder clips the view of the rear smartphone camera and prevents it from not having an obstructed view, as illustrated in the picture below.


car phone holder pic 3

The Unismart in car dash cam enables the car driver to use the car accessor as wireless car phone charger, dash cam and phone car holder.

The Unismart built-in power bank is designed to enable the smartphone to work in wireless charging mode during the longest smartphone using session, up to 16 hours of non stop video recording.

Since all car drivers are not allowed to use their phones while driving, and the only available option is holding it on a car phone holder, the Unismart will enable current modern smartphones with their powerful cameras to work as the perfect dual dash cam for use both
As dashcam blackvue and dash cam front and rear.

The Unismart phone accessory, along with dedicated sling bag for men and women is offered at 120$ for early birds campaign supporters, paying 120$ for a phone car accessory fulfilling the functionality of an in car dash cam would be the best buying choice.

For those wanting to read one of the best dash cam reviews, i invite them to check this Techradar article dashcam reviews on the best dashcam to buy on Amazon. After reading this review, you will come to the conclusion that a universal phone accessory fulfilling 6 functionalities, offered at 120$, is cheaper and more affordable than the average price of a dashcam costing more 200$.

hudway glass pic1
hudway glass pic3
hudway glass 2
hudway glass pic4


The gadget design of the Unismart as a multifunction car accessory for use both as car phone holder and in car dash cam reflects the design philosophy of achieving the perfect minimalism in design for achieving the cheapest affordable price and perfect convenient user experience.

My mind has stumbled on this gadget design idea while working achieving the most perfect ergonomic computing devices accessories, for all computing devices categories, ranging from smartphones, tablets, laptops and desktop computers.

The design of these ergonomic computing devices accessories has already been finalized with the final touches, like the Unismart. For giving you a clearer overview of my gadgets design philosophy, for the laptop users, i have designed a laptop backpack, having all the necessary technical features to work as the most perfect laptop stand for use on the couch.

This minimalism in design will enable the laptop user to enjoy the most perfect mobile user experience, by not having t carry an extra weight of laptop stand as well as not having to pay an extra price for this laptop accessory.

As an inventor and gadget designer from Morocco, i have made all the best and possible i could do to launch a successful business using my extensive professional experience in multiple problem solving fields.

All i could do at the moment of writing this sentence at 15:44 in 13/05/2021 is running this website, and building some working prototypes of the ergonomic computing devices accessories for smartphones, tablets and laptops, as well as building a pre launch campaign for The Flying Dream, an urban vtol transport aircraft of my own design, you can explore some of the these product below:

This gadget is still in its prototype stage, the goal of this post was to introduce the curios reader and potential customer to the best available and affordable options, if you have decided to purchase a phone car holder or an in car dash cam.

As for me, the same way i have made big life sacrifices for reaching these designs and inventions, i will make my best to make the Unismart hit the consumer market as soon as possoble, if you will choose to support the product campaign.

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