Would your personal computing reach its best user experience with this everlasting smartphone battery?

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Would your personal computing reach its best user experience with this everlasting smartphone battery?

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The gadget design featured in this post or prelaunch campaign page would be the most interesting news for all people around the world and especially frequent smartphone users who are waiting for the best and most perfect technical solution to the technical problem of smartphone charging, whether for using your smartphone during the whole day without thinking of plugging it to get charged, not wait too long for your smartphone to get charged or not finding yourself forced to use your smartphone, while plugging it to get charged. The mobile personal computing user experience will reach its best and ultimate quality, along with other technical solutions, i’m planning to introduce and illustrate in upcoming campaign pages.

The smartphone design featured and illustrated in this campaign page would be the perfect answer for smartphone users who are looking for the best irresistible smartphone charging user experience devoid of all the three technical shortcomings. This smartphone design campaign post, posted in this category of gadgets and inventions of my design is intended also for use by interested companies in manufacturing smartphones adopting this smartphone charging design feature, after getting a licence, as the whole purpose of publishing in this category is  contributing to make an interesting invention or technical solution feature get wide spread use and phase out its associated technical problem.

This technical design solution along with wall mounted smartphone charger would make smartphone charging experience reach the most perfect and irresistible experience, as no one would need to carry or use a smartphone charger, power banks and your smartphone, thanks to this new smartphone design, would be available for use during the whole day and no single moment will be wasted in waiting for your smartphone to get charged, in addition to these beneficial benefits that these smartphone accessories like the electric charger and power banks would no longer be needed to be carried or used either.

All of these technical solutions and design features make of this new smartphone design the  unique best smartphone available to buy on the market, for this strong big reason, i urge all readers and interested buyers to share the page of this campaign, after reading and exploring all about the technical and beneficial features of this new smartphone.

The main discussed topics of this campaign are three. The first main topic exposes this important fact of how our new digital mobile life experience, involving heavy frequent use of our smartphones will make us live in constant unending anxiety about the limited battery range.

The second main topic will uncover how the three technical shortcomings, involved with our frequent and heavy smartphone use, will be fully eliminated thanks to this new smartphone design. The reader will explore in picture and 3D illustrative video how this simple technical design will be implemented on this new smartphone.

As for the last and third main discussed topic, it will make the readers and future interested buyers explore how this new smartphone would be the unique, best and most perfect smartphone, available on the market thanks to its unique irresistible and beneficial technical features.

This campaign page is a mix of a blog post and pre launch campaign page for a product, which is the first time i have decided to introduce this kind of content, in which i emphasise on my personal and other people experience, as well as showcasing the product technical features  to get funding support from both interested potential customers, investors and companies.


Main topics


  1. Our frequent heavy and daily use of our smartphones will make use us live in unending anxiety, because of their limited battery range.

I still remember the first days of personal mobile computing for professional and educational use, back in the years of 2005 and 2006. laptops began to emerge as the mainstream personal computing device, before the emergence of personal computing on the cloud. Since these personal computing devices were bought to be used for professional and educational use and seldom for entertainment, there was no problem of feeling of anxiety of a depleting battery charge, as these laptops were always used on a café table, office  at work or at home so there was no feeling of anxiety about a depleting battery charge or dying battery as there is currently with our mobile smartphone user experience.

Back in those days, there were several mobile computing devices for complementing the mobile user experience, we had laptop serving our professional and educational activities, mobile music players and later feature phones with music playing capability and personal mobile devices for entertainment like cameras, ipods for video watching and Nintendo DS for gaming. Personal computing devices for internet browsing were still in their infancy, with only smartphones like the blackberry and PDAs being used only by professionals and businessmen.


nokia feature phone with music player_ resized

The emergence of the Smartphone as a universal personal computing device, integrating all the technical functionalities of the previously mentioned personal computing devices, has put the heaviest load on the battery, since its technology has not advanced with the same pace at which the semiconductor industry had advanced in allowing consumers to have personal computers put in their pocket, having the same computing power of most mainstream laptops.

Smartphones are currently the most heavily used personal computing devices, and their heavy daily use has created anxiety related to their short battery range, as one of the negative technical shortcomings of combining 6 personal computing devices into one single device providing the best convenient and ergonomic mobile user experience of carrying only one personal computing device, instead of six.


nokia ngage

While travelling on the bus or train, i could use my personal laptop for one or two hours offline, performing a professional task. As for entertainment activities like gaming or watching movies, i have preferred doing them only when i find myself fully relaxed at home.

When i have used my smartphone for the first time, i was thrilled by enjoying the user experience  of performing 80 percent of the tasks done on my laptop, except professional tasks like 3D visualisation and cad design. Those tasks, i have began to prefer doing on my smartphone were web browsing, listening to music while walking or riding a means of transport, email writing and reading as well as document writing and editing.

When i started to use my smartphone heavily on a daily basis, i have started also to experience the serious technical shortcoming of battery short range issue. These technical shortcomings were seriously experienced during my travel journey, when i used my smartphone as an entertainment device to listen to music and watching movies while traveling, shooting photos and videos in attractive locations, during my travel journeys and connect with friends and family members with whatsapp video conversations.